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Road Trip From Sydney to Melbourne, Australia

There are many ways to get from Sydney to Melbourne, there are planes, buses, and trains, but the best option definitely has to be by car. It allows you to get amazing views and fun adventures most of the way. Plus, HERTZ car rental is extremely convenient because you can create your own itinerary, there will be no one telling you to hurry or slow down. They have many locations that make it easy for you to find them, including Melbourne and Sydney. This article includes a list of four things that you can do during your Australian road trip between Sydney and Melbourne.

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Australian Beach, trees and rocks
Photo by: Braeme Churchard

Road Trip in Australia – Four of the fun places that you can visit on your way from Sydney to Melbourne:

1. Swim in the white beaches of Jervis Bay – It is located on the southern coast of South Wales and is a 70-kilometer strip of white-sanded beaches. Aside from swimming, you can spend some time at the visitor’s center which has a museum.

2. Spot whales in Eden – If you take this road trip between May and November, going on a whale watching tour is a must. Plus there is an annual Whale Festival in November.

3. Croajingolong National Park – This one is located in the East Gippsland region and bordered by the Tasman Sea. It is an amazing place for birdwatchers but it also has a wide variety of land animals.

4. Boating on the Gippsland Lakes – This is a network of lakes, marshes, and lagoons in east Gippsland. This is another great place to visit for those who love looking at many different animal species.

These will keep you busy for a while but there are tons of other places to visit and things to do.

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