Road Trip in a Tesla Model X – A Must Do Adventure


Road Trip in a Tesla Model X – A Must Do Adventure

Woman standing behind the open door of tesla model x

One of my friends the other day took a really cool tour in San Francisco, but the tour itself wasn’t what got my attention. What got my attention was that the tour was done in a Tesla Model X. So it was a private tour, but that was the whole point of it, was that it was done in a Tesla. So, I decided to rent it and do a road trip on a Tesla X

I really don’t see myself buying a Tesla right now. I live in Guatemala. There’s absolutely no place for Tesla right now. I’m not sure what we’re going to be doing elsewhere. Maybe one day I will buy a Tesla. But in the meantime, having a Tesla Model X, with those cool doors opening up from like lifting to the sky and all these other cool things, I was like, you know what? I don’t really care about the tour.

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Road Trip on a Tesla X

I want to rent the car, and I was looking for a place where you can rent the car for a day. There are these car-sharing online sites.

Renting Price

I think Toro is one of them, and I think there are several in all different countries. There are different ones. So of course, I got on, and I rented a Tesla Model X for the day. It is not a cheap thing to do with the insurance, with having for 24 hours, this particular model was around $350.

Then if you go over a certain amount of miles, I think after 200 miles, they charge you on top of that. So basically the entire day will be around four, $500 depending on your day. The nice thing about a Tesla, is you don’t have to pay for gas, right? But I guess that’s pretty much built into the price already. So I told my husband I want to do a Tesla day trip ride.

woman sitting at the backsit of a tesla model x with the door wide open

From New Jersey to Woodstock on a Tesla X

So we were in New Jersey, which has a lot of amazing options for all these different types of cars, and we got ourselves a Tesla Model X for the day. We went from New Jersey all the way up to Woodstock and rode around a little bit up there and came back. So the whole day was around 8 hours because we drove up to Woodstock. It was a good two-hour drive in a Tesla.

It’s amazing. We did have lunch in Woodstock. That was my dream to do. I’ve always wanted to check out Woodstock. Then we drove back and the kids, of course, were dying to join us, but it was a Mama and Papa day. But then they joined us to go out for dinner.

Charging the Car

Of course, you have to charge it up, and charging it up is an adventure in itself because the way it works is they have all these different charging stations either attached to restaurants or coffee shops or like 711 where you need to spend some time because it usually takes to fill it up entirely or to charge it up entirely, about 45 minutes. Yes, you could do 15 minutes. You could do 20 minutes.

Something interesting about Tesla is it will tell you where all the charging stations are. Then they have, like these supercharging stations where they charge double the time or just the regular charging stations. So you can decide on your ride how much time you’re going to be able to do. 

Because when we go to the gas station, five minutes, we’re done. You do need to put in between 20 minutes to 45 minutes. So that makes it all part of the adventure as well.

Charging a tesla model X

We obviously went over the 200 miles limit by a lot. That’s why our day cost almost $500, which was so worth every Penny of it, regardless. You do need to fill it up after 175 miles. We always want it to be a little ahead. You don’t want to be stranded in the middle of absolutely nowhere. So around 150 miles, we were always looking for places to charge it

But again, you should definitely have a map of where the next charging station is. Some of them weren’t around for like 50 miles. Especially when you’re going into the middle of nowhere. So you do need to be very aware of that. 

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