Road Trip from Belgium to Holland

There are tons of transportation options that you can choose from when exploring Europe. But by far, one that offers the most freedom and fun has to be by car. So a family road trip would be the best option, I just love having the time to do anything I want and to see everything there is to see without schedules while on the road. Plus, pretty much the whole of Europe offers amazing landscapes. Check this out to learn all about what a road trip in Europe between Belgium and Holland can be like, City Hopping.

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Road Trip in Europe
Photo by: Luke Ma

Great Route Between Belgium and Holland – Road Trip

1. Brussels

Your trip starts in Brussels. The first thing you need to do is choose the best car for a road trip. But before you get in your car and head to the next city make sure you have experienced all that it has to offer like: Central Square for shopping, eating and historic sites.

2. Driving from Brussels to Ghent

These two are only 34 miles away from each other, it will take you almost no time to get there (if you don’t attempt to get there during rush hour). Along the way, you can stop at Mini-Europe to see models of famous European landmarks.

Ghent is a staggeringly beautiful medieval city with cute squares, streets, and canals to explore.

3. From Ghent to Bruges

The drive between these two is also very quick and easy through the E-10 motorway. Once you are, there, make sure to visit landmarks like the Groeninge Museum and The Basilica of the Holy Blood.

4. From Bruges to Hague

For this, I would recommend taking the route that takes you along the coastline and over the Oosterscheldekering dam. It is for sure the most scenic and fun.

The Hague is an old city and Holland’s largest along the coast. Unlike many other old towns in the region, its streets are wide. This is also the center of governmental power for the country.

My kind of town
Photo by: Kevin Dooley

5. From Hague to Leiden

This will take you around 30 minutes. The town of Leiden is an old university city. It is a quiet town with incredible amounts of history to learn from.
Among the main attractions are two museums, The Rijksmuseum van Oudheden and The Naturalis Museum.

6. From Leiden to Amsterdam

The trip to Amsterdam should be around one hour long. Once you get there you will be able to enjoy famous attractions such as the Anne Frank Museum, the canal, and the Van Gogh Museum plus so much more.

If you have the time, I would advise taking at least one day to explore each of the cities. It will make your road trip in Belgium and Holland even better.

* This post was done in partnership with Enterprise Rent-a-Car but all opinions are my own.

Last Updated on February 23, 2022

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  1. always amazed how many cities exist so close and are so different on a European Road trip….
    stay road trippin, Craig

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