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5 Cultural Highlights Not to Miss on a River Cruise Through the Netherlands

Do you love culture so much you can’t imagine a great vacation without exploring all the historical sites of the area and visiting numerous art museums? Do you also enjoy hustle-free travel? In this case, a river cruise through the Netherlands may be your next perfect holiday.Five amazing highlights that you will experience during a river cruise through the Netherlands.Here’s a list of cruise through the Netherlands

To make your planning a breeze, take a look at the five cities to include for a culture juicy itinerary.

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cruise through the Netherlands

5 Cultural Highlights During a River Cruise Through the Netherlands

Amsterdam – the city of Dutch masters

Which other cities can take pride in so many museums presenting works of art by Rembrandt, Van Gogh, and Vermeer? But it’s not just the world-famous institutions of the Dutch capital that are worth a visit. Check out the interactive Youseum, stir off the beaten track to visit the CoBrA museum, and explore the independent galleries throughout the city. Amsterdam can also be a great starting point for your cultural river cruise.

A tip from the locals: to avoid long museum ques, buy your tickets online.

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Den Haag – the royal city

This city on the western coast of the Netherlands has a lot to offer. Besides being the seat of the Dutch government and royally spacious parks, it also boasts over 400 Art Deco buildings and early modernist structures. Girl with the Pearl Earring by Johannes Vermeer is just one of the pearls with stopping by the Mauritshuis for. And, The Hague coastal dunes are perfect for a seaside stroll.

Maastricht – the city of medieval architecture

One of the oldest cities in the Netherlands will impress you with its mix of architectural landmarks ranging from Roman excavations to modern designs. An 800-year-old church might look ordinary from the outside – but step into it, and you will find yourself in a sea of books. Maastricht is also a university city, and it’s medieval streets and squares are always lively and buzzing.

Rotterdam – a Dutch city with a skyline

Rotterdam is a new and modern-looking city. Heavily bombed during WWII, it has almost no buildings from before that period. Make sure to add it to your river cruise itinerary to check out the famous Cube Houses, the Market Hall, the Erasmus bridge and the new spherical building of the Boijmans van Beuningen museum. Enjoy this melting-pot of cultures and the variety of cuisines it offers.

Bruges – the city of beer and chocolate

Just across the border from the Netherlands, in the Belgian coastal city Bruges, food-lovers can indulge in premium chocolate and sample remarkable beer.

Art and culture are not just timeless, they are also never off-season!

While a winter visit will undoubtedly be a different experience than a summer one, if you are planning a culture oriented river cruise through the Netherlands there is never a bad season.

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