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Life on Rio Dulce – It’s Not as Dulce (Sweet) as it Looks

Rio Dulce National Park is better known as the Amazon of Guatemala. And for good reason. It’s lush, full of water canals, a rain forest and full of amazing birds and wildlife.

It is also a place for fishermen and local people.

Here’s a glimpse into their lives on the river.


The main mode of transportation here are dug out canoes. Little kids ride them around when they see tourist boats and try to sell off exotic animals. If that doesn’t work, they just beg for money.


This is a very typical house on the river. Usually the families run anywhere between three to ten kids. Most of them start working at the ripe old age of five.


The main reason to be on the river is to head over to Livingston. The boats all leave from the docks of Rio Dulce town.


It’s also a great place for lunch before going. Or breakfast, depending on the time you head out.


Fronteras is the name of the actual town. Everyone calls it Rio Dulce, but on the map you’ll see Fronteras. This is the main town of this area and it’s hustling and bustling.



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