How to Ring In the New Year in Scandinavia

New Year’s Eve is a great time to spend in the Nordic countries or Scandinavian peninsula, offering visitors a lot of entertainment including parties, fireworks, and even more celebrations. You can spend your New Year’s Eve at a large, outdoor celebration or staying warm in a cosy restaurant or hip indie bar. Or if you make friends with some locals, you might even be able to spend your New Year as a guest in their home with a feast of food, plenty of drinks and entertainment waiting for midnight. If New Year in Scandinavia is something that you’re interested in, here’s what’s on offer in the various cities.How to celebrate New Year in Scandinavia and learn more about the fun things that happening for this celebration.

New Year in Scandinavia

#1. Stockholm, Sweden:

You have a lot of great options if you’re planning to bring in the New Year in Stockholm. If you want something more low-key, there are plenty of relaxing activities and celebrations to take part in including the traditional medieval church concert or New Year’s Eve poetry performances. Or if you want more of a thrill, you can go ice-skating in the city, or check out the wide variety of nightclubs, vibrant parties and firework displays. At the stroke of midnight, put on your warmest jacket and join the locals outdoors to toast with champagne and watch the fireworks. You can add Sweden over the New Year when choosing vacation packages to Scandinavia countries.

#2. Reykjavik, Iceland:

If you’re planning to be in Reykjavik for New Year’s Eve then prepare yourself for a night of fireworks, bonfires and parties. Iceland’s capital certainly knows how to celebrate this occasion, and the long, dark nights at this time of the year don’t put anybody off. And, you will even have a chance to wonder at the Northern Lights before the firework displays start. If you prefer to stay indoors to celebrate, don’t miss out on their annual tradition of the New Year’s Comedy Show on TV, which offers a satirical take on all the events of the past year.

#3. Copenhagen, Denmark:

Copenhagen is a fantastic destination for a New Year’s trip – at the stroke of midnight on New Year’s Eve, you’ll find a gigantic crowd gathered at the town square of Amalienborg; the Royal Palace located in the center of Copenhagen. Here you can join in one of the biggest New Year parties in the city. And, don’t miss out on the Royal Guard Parade wearing their dress red gala costumes. If you don’t want to brave the cold, there’s plenty to do indoors too – you can watch firework displays or head to a special New Year event at a nightclub or bar.

#4. Oslo, Norway:

If you’re hoping for a quieter and more subdued New Year’s experience then the celebrations in Oslo, Norway might be ideal for you. Many Norwegians prefer to spend their New Year’s Eve enjoying private celebrations with family and friends, but there are several events you can attend with many locations offering special dinners and entertainment for visitors. Or, you can watch the grandiose fireworks from the central town hall area. Plan your Norway trip with premium tour company to discover what’s on in Oslo over the New Year.

#5. Helsinki, Finland:

The biggest New Year’s Eve celebrations in Scandinavia are by far those in Helsinki, Finland. The bells are rung at midnight at the Helsinki Cathedral and tens of thousands of people gather at the Kansalaistori Square for a gorgeous firework display accompanied by good music, delicious food and lots of dancing. If you’ve not got a private New Year’s party to attend in Helsinki, you should have no problem finding somewhere to be at the start of the New Year.

Which city would you prefer to ring in the New Year at?

Last Updated on June 13, 2023

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