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Camping With Kids? Rightline Gear Popup Tent is the Best Option!

My son’s birthday is coming up. And for the past six months, he’s been bugging me to go camping. We have one tiny tent that holds two people, but now that there are four of us, it is time to find a new one.

a kids building a rightline pop up tent

One prerequisite he had been that it would be small for him and his brother or father, not a family-sized tent. This works just fine for me since I’m not a huge camper and would use it as an excuse that there isn’t enough room for me and find a camping site that has cabins as well. (But don’t tell him that.)

two kids inside rightline gear pop up tent

Rightline Gear Pop Up Tent Review

After doing a lot of research, I found a really fun option. Pop Up Tents!

a kid throwing a rightline gear pop up tent

I know, I might be out of the camping loop since it’s not my thing, but what an incredibly cool idea.

The one we ended up getting was the Rightline Gear Pop Up Tent.

rightline gear pop up tent review

Why Pop Up Tents are Perfect for Camping With Kids

1. It is so fun to put up

2. It’s so easy that you will think something is missing

3. It fits two people easily, and with my baby being only 4 years old, I can easily see this as a father and sons pastime with mommy not being missed at all

 a kid storing a rightline gear popup tent

4. It’s so small. You can easily carry it anywhere, especially to camping sites that require hiking.

tents for kids - rightline gear review

Video Fun

Where to Get Your Rightline Gear Pop Up Tent and So Much More

Rightline Gear website is awesome. They sell way more than just Pop Up tents. They have all sorts of new and innovative tents and camping gear to choose from.

And that’s not all they specialize in.

Also, if you’re an Amazon fan, you can get their stuff online there as well. Plus, retailers all over the country carry their products.

But what’s most important, compared to other camping gear companies their prices, for what they offer, are really affordable!

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