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Moped Lessons: Learning to Drive a Scooter at 13 Years Old

When we moved to Antigua, Guatemala over eight years ago, I had one prerequisite. When is a good time to learn to drive, ride on a scooter is one thing, but driving a moped at 13 can definitely be nerve-wracking.

Ride on Scooter - Moped Lessons - learning to drive at 13

I needed to have a scooter so I can get around without any problems.

Scooters are convenient for short to medium commutes because of the additional storage space they provide under the seat. However, just like any other machine, there is a proper technique to ride a scooter. Here’s a quick overview.

Getting the appropriate riding stance is the first step to riding a scooter well. The position of your elbows determines the appropriate position. The angle between your forearms and your biceps should be close to 90 degrees, and your forearms should be parallel to the ground. Contrary to popular belief, the posture of your back is not as crucial as you might believe, and it can take any position that the right positioning of your arms demands. Sitting properly on a scooter also entails tucking your feet in properly. It doesn’t matter where you put your feet on the floorboard; what matters is that they are properly within.

brothers love, brothers, moped lessons, riding a scooter

Take a Ride on Scooter

My oldest boy at that time was only five and a half and my baby wasn’t even conceived yet.

And here we are today. My boys on the scooter.

My teenage son driving my seven year old. It’s a beautiful image, but a scary one too.

To me it shows they are both growing up, and enjoying each and every one of their milestones is what becomes the most important of all.

growing up, 13 year old, teenage son, riding a scooter

Having a raving support team certainly helps my oldest grow in confidence.

And on the first time out he didn’t fall or crash once.

support system, friends, family, brothers, learning to drive a moped, moped lessons

Having a good teacher always helps!

Joy, happiness, living life to the fullest, guidance

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