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Rhodes Greece: 5 Reasons Why You Must Visit This Island

Greece is a beautiful country and its islands are famous all over the world for their beautiful beaches and crystal-clear sea. However, if you had to pick one island that stands out, it would probably be Rhodes. The picture-perfect beaches, incredible weather and interesting history make Rhodes a very inviting tourist destination. Here are some reasons to make Rhodes the next place you visit.

Rhodes Greece: 5 Reasons Why You Must Visit This Island

The historical sites

The island was first populated over 3500 years ago, and if you go there now, you’ll be able to find remains of buildings from every era since then. You can visit the Acropolis of Lindos or the Acropolis of Rhodes, Diagoras stadium or Apollona’s Temple, as well as some charming chapels built during the Byzantine era. The Medieval City of Rhodes is actually a UNESCO heritage site, and one you should definitely see. Let’s not forget the castles of Kritinia and Monolithos, as well as several mosques built during the Ottoman occupation of Rhodes. Similarly, during the 40 years of Italian occupation, many architectural gems were built. All of these sites, each built in its own era, make Rhodes a special place and you’ll definitely feel the magic as you walk across this island which was even described in Greek myths.

Rhodes Greece

The dazzling nature

Another thing Rhodes has to offer is breathtaking nature. Although the island gets about 300 days of sunshine a year, there is enough rain during the winter to keep everything fresh and green. This can mean a perfect vacation for nature and sport lovers, since you can do anything from hiking to biking up the paths of mountains such as Profitis Ilias, Atavyros and Akramitis, from where you can catch marvelous views of the island. You can even go rock climbing on Ladiko, the most frequented climbing cliff on the island, which offers many routes, some perfect for families with children, others more challenging and more suitable for the adventurous people. And after the climb, you can enjoy the sunshine and the sea on one of the nearby beaches. If you’re into windsurfing, you should definitely choose the Prasonisi beach, and if you’re interested in butterflies, then the Valley or Butterflies, or Petaloudes in Greek, is the place for you, since there are millions of these beautiful animals to be seen there.

Rhodes Greece

The medical tourism

Rhodes has also recently grown famous for its medical tourism, being home to many spas and wellness centers. Furthermore, tourists with different medical issues can get quality medical treatment here, while the climate on the island can be beneficial to those with chronic illnesses. As Greece is a member of the European Union, the standard of its health industry is high, with institutions such as the acclaimed Euromedica Clinic in Rhodes ensuring safe treatment and dialysis to patients with chronic kidney failure. Their innovative use of the artificial kidney unit in combination with qualified nursing staff makes this clinic great, while its location, in the very heart of Rhodes, allows patients to be transferred from any hotel on the island to the clinic within an hour. You can book your treatments using the trusted Booknowmed platform so that you get the best care and have the opportunity to enjoy your vacation without letting your illness get in the way.

Rhodes Greece

The culinary wonders

There is a lot to be said about the food and drink you can taste on Rhodes. There are some lovely traditional villages here, where people sell homemade products recognized around the world for their excellence. These include olive oil, honey, various sweets, but the most famous product has to be their first-rate wine. And although there is a wide range of international restaurants on Rhodes, where you can eat anything from Chinese and Indian food to pizza, pasta and other Italian dishes, you’ll miss out if you don’t visit a classic Greek taverna. Don’t forget, you’re on an island, surrounded by sea, so make sure you try their fish soup, octopus, calamari, lobsters, shrimps of even sword fish. And since most of the food is locally caught, the prices are very reasonable. Other typically Greek delicacies you can try on Rhodes include olives, baked cheese or saganaki in Greek, cheese pies called tiropitakia or meatballs they call keftedes. And don’t forget your serving of Greek salad, since no Rhodes vacation would be complete without it.

The exciting nightlife

When it comes to having fun on Rhodes Greece, you can do that any time of day, but if you really want to experience the intensity of the island, try your luck after the sun goes down. If you’re not really a party animal, you can stick to one of the cafés which are open until late in the evening, but also one of the restaurants, where you’ll often find a live orchestra playing traditional Greek music for tourists and locals alike. In case you want to go wild, there are beach parties everywhere you look, as well as bars and clubs to anybody’s liking. No matter if you like techno, rock, jazz or r’n’b, you can find live music or DJs playing your favorite songs all across Rhodes. If you’re planning to visit one of their nightclubs, prepare for a whole night of dancing and cocktails, and if you aren’t really sure where to go or what to do, try making friends with some of the locals and get the information you need first-hand.

Did we mention Rhodes Greece has an airport? So, start packing and get your plane tickets today. Rhodes is waiting for you.

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