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How To Make Paddle Board Excursion A Fun For Kids With Perfect Accessories

For all those who love water sport having a paddleboard means thrill, action, adventure, and what not? If you want to enjoy yourself with family and paddle board at the same time, then the idea of involving your kids can … Continue reading

Connect With Your Buddies with Monkey Moves Game

Some games are just the cutest. And this one is definitely one of them. I love when my son and his little buddies connect in other ways other than minecraft or wii while hanging out at home. There seem to … Continue reading

Why Mountain Biking Training Requires a Certain Kind of Hydration Backpack

Several months ago my family and I were on a quest for a hydration pack. My sons and husband are avid mountain bikers and the more they train the more they realize how important having a backpack that has the … Continue reading

Nalgene BPA Free Bottles – Hard Choices Await

Eight years ago I discovered Nalgene company. I bought one of their original water bottles that is BPA free and back then they had a small selection but a good one. It was time for renewing our water bottle stash … Continue reading

Water Bottles for Biking – Mountain Bike Racing – by Polisport

How long do most bike races last? Sometimes 3-4 hours if you’re riding on the slower side. But on average, if you’ve been competing often, it can take around 2-3 hours at most. So what is one of the biggest … Continue reading

Travel Games for Kids – Crazy Chefs By Orchard Toys

What are fun travel games for kids? This is one of the most common questions I get asked by parents. Entertaining the kids is, without a doubt, one of the most important things one can do while traveling. Or not … Continue reading

Dragonwood a Family Board Game That Bonds

A family that plays Dragonwood together, stays together. As corny as this cliche is, I have to admit this game truly bonds the family! We got this game a while ago and for some reason put it on hold thinking … Continue reading

Travel Gear Review – Yoga Travel Games for Kids by ThinkFun

One of the best things that we have living in Antigua, Guatemala is my sons’ school. It’s a Green school focusing on nature, mindfulness and a lot of outdoor activities and learning. This past year a new subject was added … Continue reading

Family Fun – The Ocean Labyrinth Board Game By Ravensburger

Are you ready for a game that will keep the whole family stimulated and excited? All ages welcome, probably your child of 4 will find this fun. It is literally for the whole family and will get those mind wheels … Continue reading

Hexbug Buggaloop Board Game for the Whole Family

Ages ago I got my kids the cutest game. It was an electric bug that climbs tunnels and does other fun things. It was more of a show rather than an involved game. When I heard about BuggaLoop, whose main character … Continue reading

Stephen Joseph Backpacks for Boys – The Carry-on Solution

Traveling with a five year old has plenty of challenging moments. They usually start at the airport when, even though they say they are old enough to bring their own carry on, they always put the responsibility on either me or … Continue reading

Obersee Kids Luggage – Fun for the Whole Family

One of the things I enjoy most when traveling with kids are the fun luggage sets that they use. Well, mainly I’m the one having the most fun with them, since they prefer not to have any bags at all … Continue reading

Showertime Fun – Superhero Bath Robe

Ready for some serious cuteness? Ok, I am not the type of mom that dotes all over her kids especially online. But this is too much. With my oldest son in a comfy bathrobe, my baby had to have one … Continue reading

Warm and Comfy Bathrobes for Kids

On our last trip my oldest boy requested a bathrobe. That’s a bit of an odd demand for a ten year old. But then I thought about it. It makes him feel more at home. More like it isn’t just … Continue reading

Travel Accessories For Kids – Don’t Leave Home Without Them

Kids travel toys, playful bottles and other kid things are probably at the top of my list when packing our carry-ons. What will be fun enough to keep the boys busy while we are waiting for the plane to take … Continue reading

Miniature Robotic Bug – A (Travel) Toy That Will Make You Love Bugs

We’ve all seen the commercials for the tiny robotic bugs. They come in a quite a few different species and do impressive tricks on TV. They are super cute, but we’re just not quite sure what to do with them. … Continue reading

Making Packing Fun and Easy for Kids – Travel Game for Kids

My older son is at that age when he genuinely wants to do his own packing for our travels, but ALWAYS gets sidetracked when he’s doing it. Instead of fighting his lack of packing skills (which I did plenty of … Continue reading

Snipe Hunt – Are You Ready for the Ultimate Traveling Game

What do little boys love, aside from climbing trees and bugging their parents? Playing games with cool prehistoric like creatures. Our Northeast US road trip was coming up and the time has come for my son and I to search … Continue reading

Mysterious Creatures – An Educational Board Game

Do you know where the Loch Ness Monster lives? How about the Yeti? Traveling allows you to really get to know all about these amazing mysterious creatures. Sometimes, though, we simply can’t go everywhere. Yet our kids curiosity, especially when … Continue reading

Educational Games for Toddlers – Hide and Seek

Hide and seek games can either be really annoying or bearable if they are played well. However, I never thought that this will be one of those educational games for toddlers and on top of that, fun! How my search … Continue reading