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My Take on Anti Microbial Copper Clothing

Copper Clothing. Is this even a thing? It definitely is! This year is my parent’s 49th wedding anniversary, which is the Copper anniversary. While searching for Copper goods, Copper Clothing popped up! At first, it just looked like any other … Continue reading

How To Make Paddle Board Excursion A Fun For Kids With Perfect Accessories

For all those who love water sport having a paddleboard means thrill, action, adventure, and what not? If you want to enjoy yourself with family and paddle board at the same time, then the idea of involving your kids can … Continue reading

How to Get an E-visa to Cambodia for US Citizens

With its traditional traditions and rich Eastern heritage, Cambodia has become a destination for world-class American workers. Traveling to Cambodia has now become an easy task, as travelers have always found the process of obtaining a visa to travel to … Continue reading

Having Fun in Lock-Down With Funny Personalized Socks!

That’s right, socks. I never thought I’d say it, but being stuck in lock-down for way too long, it’s the little things that truly make all the difference. In this case, I found Printsfield, a customized and personalized sock and … Continue reading

Finding a Vegetarian Restaurant in Asheville, North Carolina

Asheville in North Carolina has always been on my top bucket list of places to visit in the United States. And the main things I’ve always heard about Asheville are: 1 – Mountain and fresh 2 – Local driven 3 … Continue reading

Travel Gift Guide for the Nomad in Your Life

The holidays are coming and we are all going crazy thinking about what we are going to get for our loved ones. It might get hard to think of something for everyone. This is especially true when it comes to … Continue reading

Review of Waterproof Hanging Toiletry Travel Bag by Quzaf Bags

No matter how long you travel there are always things that you can improve on. This time I was looking to upgrade my toiletry bag. See, the one I had was great but it is getting a little too worn. … Continue reading

Selfie Ring Light and Unique Flashlights – Loftek Review

Look what I got! I’m sure most of you all are way ahead of me with the selfie tech. So for the moment, I’m truly enjoying the small gadgets that make a huge difference. The Selfie Ring Light Here is … Continue reading

The Grommet Online Store – Rare Find for Travel Products and So Much More…

Do you want to find super unique products that are created from the heart that are practical, stylish and artistic? Believe it or not, not everything is on Amazon. I found The Grommet, looking for items that will make my … Continue reading

Stylish Travel Accessories – Sunglasses Product Review

One of the aspects that not a lot of people think about but can be important in enjoying your trip is looking good. If I feel like I look great and stylish, exploring becomes much better. That is why I’m … Continue reading

Free Hands in Your Adventures! A Wide-angle, Wearable, Easy-to-use Outdoor Camera

We all get intimacy feelings whenever we share a trip with important people in life. Sometimes we even want them to come with us for every travel, yet in reality, it is not possible. That is why recording became an … Continue reading

Cute and Furry Climbing Chalk Bags by Crafty Climbing Review

Guest Post by Brandon Villatoro (Travel Experta’s Son) Climbing Chalk Bags are incredibly important in climbing because as the name suggests it is used for keeping chalk. Climbing without chalk is almost impossible so buying the right type of chalk … Continue reading

Why Butora Acro is a Good Choice for Climbing Shoes

The Butora Acro is a great climbing shoe that are mostly good for edging because of their stiffness. I am rating each part of the climbing shoes from one to ten with details The toe box 8/10 I think that … Continue reading

Skin Care for Climbers – Yes Climbing Hand Care is Different Than the Rest!

Guest Post by Brandon Villatoro (Travel Experta’s Son) I have been using climbOn products for about three months now. At this point I pretty much use it religiously after climbing because, and this was a total surprise to me, I … Continue reading

Running Shoes for Women that Really Make a Difference

Here’s the thing, I have severe knee issues. So bad, that I have problems walking up and down my own stairs of my house. That’s what years of being a fitness instructor and even more years of skiing semi-pro can … Continue reading

What to Gift an International Mama – Mia Toro Luggage

Presents! Who will agree with me, this is always a topic of controversy: Either because we simply have too much stuff and do we really need more? Or because you don’t want someone to spend money on a totally useless … Continue reading

A Diaper Backpack that Will Surprise You – Guaranteed!

Confession time! I got the Obersee Bern Diaper Backpack as a gift for a friend who was pregnant for her baby shower. Since I live overseas, I bought it in the States to bring it back to Guatemala. Over buying, a common … Continue reading

Connect With Your Buddies with Monkey Moves Game

Some games are just the cutest. And this one is definitely one of them. I love when my son and his little buddies connect in other ways other than minecraft or wii while hanging out at home. There seem to … Continue reading

LED Belt Review – Perfect for all Athletes and Travelers

I am one of those people who really enjoys working out and is always active. Combine that with the fact that I live in a city that is extremely pedestrian friendly you end up with a result of me rarely … Continue reading

Climbing Gym in Guatemala – Big Mountain Review

Special Guest Writer – Brandon Villatoro Kuperman (Travel Experta’s Son!) Welcome to Big Mountain! One of Guatemala’s City’s top climbing gyms where you can go climbing with your family. The gym has a wall that is 13 meters tall. Other walls … Continue reading