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Review – Indoor Climbing Gym – Casa Boulder, Guatemala City

Guest Post by Brandon Villatoro (Travel Experta’s son)

Casa Boulder is a small climbing gym where there is only bouldering routes. The owner is called Mario, he is very charismatic, he will give very fun routes and will help you warm up your body before climbing. He is definitely one of the reasons for us returning there week after week.

Urban climbing, which is indoor gyms in cities, is where skills are developed to solve climbing movements with support from people who already scale on different surfaces and inclinations.

Casa Boulder has many unique holds that are very rare in many gyms.

It has a long easy route to warm up all around the house. It has graffiti all around the gym so it looks really cool and edgy. 

Casa Boulder is located in Mixco, Guatemala city.

It isn’t a big place but it is enough to have some fun, there are so many holds that they change them around very often.

All the holds are very good and in great condition. Same thing with the volumes. You don’t need to take your own chalk because they provide magnesium. And if you are a beginner and don’t have climbing shoes they have them there as well. So all you need it to get over there and start climbing.

In order to become a better climber, you must become much stronger than you already are. You can do that by doing pull-ups, in this gym they have several good fingerboards.

One of the best reasons I love going to Casa Boulder is that you don’t need anyone to go with you to belay you because there are very good crash pads and the walls aren’t higher than 6 meters.

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