Review 8 Best Vietnam eSIM Plans For Tourists

You are going to travel to Vietnam. Once you have booked your flight ticket and accommodation, all that is left is to find out what connectivity options you have. In this article, we cover everything about the best eSIM data plans for your trip to Vietnam. 

Let’s see our detailed review of the top 8 best Vietnam eSIM plans for tourists. 

What you should know about using and choosing Vietnam eSIM 

One of the best options to get connected during your trip in Vietnam is to use an eSIM. It seems to be a confusing concept for those who have never used an eSIM before, but in reality, it is rather simple.

eSIMs are virtual cards that can be used in most latest generation phones. What makes eSIM so great is the fact that you can easily switch networks, have more than one sim at the same time, and do not need to buy a new sim card. However, there are some requirements for using a virtual sim card. 

To use an eSIM, you need to have an eSIM-compatible cell phone which is unlocked. So, make sure to have your device unlocked to the international network before leaving your home country.

An eSIM can be activated by scanning the QR code or entering the activation code manually. For some online stores, you may be required to download their apps.

So how to choose the best Vietnam eSIM plans that fit your needs?

There are some factors to consider when choosing the right data package. Let’s take a look!

  • Coverage: You should choose the plans from an eSIM provider with a good coverage in Vietnam.
  • Data: How much data will you need during the trip? If you are a data heavy user,  you will need a plan with more data.
  • Validity: How long is your Vietnam trip? Choose an eSIM provider that offers the right data plan for your trip duration and mobile data usage needs.
  • Speed: Not all Vietnam eSIM providers offer the same speeds. If you need fast speed, make sure to choose the supplier that offers them.
  • Price: Data prices are different by plans and providers. So, consider your own budget when choosing a data plan.

List of top 8 best Vietnam eSIM plans tourists

Let’s see what popular travel eSIM providers have to offer in Vietnam:

GIGA7 plan – Gigago

Plan details: 7GB – 8 days – 10 USD

Good for: light data users who need data for a short trip in Vietnam. 

With only 10 USD, GIGA7 plan offers you 7GB of high-speed data with a local phone number in Vietnam. The duration of this eSIM plan is 8 days. The local network carrier is Vinaphone, a network operator with wide coverage in Vietnam, especially for renowned tourist destinations like mountainous regions, islands or beaches. 

The main flaw, for now, is that you cannot top up if you need more than just 7GB, but have to buy a new plan. But you can solve this problem by buying a bigger data plan so that you will not have to worry about data allowances.

GIGA10 plan – Gigago

Plan details: 10GB – 16 days – 12 USD

Good for: mid-range data users who need cellular data for 1-2 weeks in Vietnam.

This plan offers you 10GB of high speed data used in 16 days. Also covered by the top Vietnam network carrier – Vinaphone, it gives you the ability to make calls and texts via apps like Whatsapp, Skype,… no matter where you are in Vietnam. Giga10 provides you with a Vietnamese phone number so you can call Grab or Be, and Gojek when traveling in Vietnam.

GIGA15 plan – Gigago

Plan details: 15GB – 30 days – 15 USD

Good for: heavy data users or travelers on long trips in Vietnam

With 15GB for only 15 USD, GIGA15 best suits those who are data users. This Vietnam eSIM plan has the same features like the mentioned-above plans, but within 30 days of validity. 

In particular, it comes up with calling and message features, which will benefit many visitors to Vietnam.

GIGA120 plan – Gigago

Plan details: 120GB (4 GB/day) – 30 days – 19 USD 

Suitable for: heavy data users or travelers on long-term trips in Vietnam

The GIGA120 plan works for 30 days for only 19 USD, from the date you activate your eSIM data plan, not from the date you install it on your phone. This eSIM for Vietnam uses the Vinaphone network, the fastest in the country. 

With 120GB, you are allowed to use maximally 4GB of high speed data each day. It comes with similar features like the earlier plans, but is considered the BEST-SELLER of Gigago thanks to its large data allowance and cheap price.

Apart from these 4 data plans, Gigago also provides long-term travelers to Vietnam with 02 other data plans, which are GIGA180 (validity in 6 months) and GIGA365 (validity in 1 year). To see detailed information about these plans, visit Gigago.vn.

Unlimited Vietnam eSIM plans – Holafly

Plan details: unlimited data – 5, 10, 15, 20, 30, 60, 90 days 

Good for: light – standard – mid-range – heavy data users or travelers on short-term, long-term trips in Vietnam

All Vietnam eSIM plans offered by Holafly come with unlimited data (but limited speed). The plans vary in prices and validity periods. The network carrier is Vietnamobile, which is not a large coverage carrier in Vietnam.

For tourists to Vietnam, below are unlimited data plans.

  • Unlimited Data 5 days: 19.00 USD
  • Unlimited Data 10 days: 34.00 USD
  • Unlimited Data 15 days: 47.00 USD
  • Unlimited Data 20 days: 54.00 USD
  • Unlimited Data 30 days: 64.00 USD
  • Unlimited Data 60 days: 84.00 USD
  • Unlimited Data 90 days: 99.00 USD

Vietnam 4GB+ by WHIZ

Plan details: 4GB high speed data – unlimited 2G speed data – 8 days – 12.99 USD

Good for: standard data users in a short trip in Vietnam

As one of two eSIM plans provided by WHIZ in the Vietnam market, this plan offers 4GB of full-speed data and unlimited 2G speed. The validity period of this plan is 8 days. Within 8 days, you can stay online everywhere in Vietnam thanks to being covered by Viettel – the top network provider in Vietnam with widest coverage.

Vietnam 6GB+ by WHIZ

Plan details: 6GB high speed data – unlimited 2G speed data – 10 days – 15.99 USD

Good for: mid-range and heavy data users

This plan is covered by Viettel and allows you to use 6GB of high-speed data (4G/LTE) and 2G-speed data after running out of high speed. It is considered as the best seller from WHIZ for Vietnam eSIM. With Vietnam 6GB+, you can stay online everywhere in the country, from mountainous areas to beaches.

Cu Chi – Airalo

Plan details: 1GB – 7 days – 4.5 USD

Good for: super light data users on short trips in Vietnam

This plan is the only data plan for Vietnam travel supplied by Airalo – the first eSIM provider of the world. It includes 1GB of high speed data at 4.5 USD. eSIM network is covered by VinaPhone. A different feature in comparison with Vietnam eSIM from Gigago is that the validity period starts when the eSIM gets connected to any supported network(s). A flaw of this eSIM plan (like WHIZ’s) is that it comes with no Vietnamese phone number.

Overall, GIGAGO’s Vietnam eSIM plans will be the most suitable for the majority of travelers to Vietnam because of their various plan options, good network carrier, affordable prices and a special feature that no other provider has – Vietnamese phone number. Just one last thing, please be noted that the plan information can be modified from time to time without notice, so you had better visit the website for the most updated.

Last Updated on January 5, 2023

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