Trip To Roatan: Returning to Roatan With My Son After 7 Years

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Seven years ago I took my oldest boy to Roatan, Honduras for a mama and son trip. And now, I’m doing the same fun trip with my youngest boy.

Roatan, the Caribbean island off of  Honduras, has a special calling, because I rarely go anywhere more than once, not to mention I’ve now been here three times. And, it’s extra special for me because it’s the place I take my sons to.

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Visiting Roatan Honduras

Why Do I Return to Roatan?

Oddly enough, even though we live in Antigua Guatemala, going to the main Carribean islands is more complicated than flying to Europe. Something that looks like a stone’s throw away needs so many connecting flights, that it’s simply not worth it.

And, I’m a big lover of sunsets, beaches, and crystal clear waters. Let’s also not forget, this is something we don’t ever get in Guatemala, and I love sharing all things with my babies.

This trip was so lovely, my nine years old and I truly bonded.

What I did a bit differently for this trip than my other trips, I decided to stay in a hostel.

19 years ago, when I first made my way to Roatan, I was a backpacker staying in hostels all over Latin America. But since having kids, our family travel consists mainly of luxury hotels, vacation rentals, and more luxury style lodging.

And, for the first time in almost two decades, I wanted to get back to my roots.

That’s how I found Roatan Backpackers Hostel.

Roatan Backpackers Hostel

Either this hostel is special in that it has two-bedroom casitas, or hostels have changed over time.

It was a great decision for us. We loved the 2 bedrooms with a kitchen and balcony.

balcony at roatan honduras hotel

Things To Do In Roatan Honduras

What We Did in Roatan?

When I came with my oldest seven years ago our trip consisted of a lot of snorkeling, boat rides even a super expensive, but a one-of-a-kind experience of being on a submarine.

My youngest preferred to do more land-bound adventures. That’s what made this trip even more special.

We rented a scooter, without a doubt the best way to explore the island, and I got it right at the hostel.

exploring roatan on motorcycle

And started exploring.

Of course, you can’t visit Roatan without checking out a sunset in West End (I prefer West End over West Bay).

honnduras travel - roatan sunset

But having the freedom to go wherever with the moto, we headed to the other end of the island to Daniel Johnson’s Sloth and Monkey hang out. Here you get to play with the animals one on one.

And it’s more than just hugging Sloths

Daniel Johnson's Sloth and Monkey Roatan

And Monkeys eating off your head.

Capuchin Monkey Roatan

You also can have a Macaw peck away at you.

Macaws in Roatan

However, I have to admit the most fun for my boy was the pool in the hostel. This was a huge draw, and he spent hours in it.

And the hostel restaurant allowed us to hang out and eat on the property.

kid sitting in a backyard in roatan honduras

Another reason I was attracted to the hostel was because of the owner and her story.

Mel James, a Canadian who’s been on the island for over 20 years, and lives on the property with her 2 sons. They used to pretty much run the place.

When we arrived there, they had moved to Canada so we missed them, but the staff still carried over the friendly homey feel. It was an easy transition for us.

One recommendation – get the rooms with air conditioning, it will change your life 😉

It was a great trip with my son. And Roatan will always have a super dear spot in my heart for me. It’s the place I had my mama son trips!

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Visiting Roatan Honduras: Returning to Roatan After 7 Years

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