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Retirement Destinations for Those Searching a Change of Scenery

Despite the relief that often comes from stepping back after a long working life, many people look at retirement as a period of uncertainty. This doesn’t need to be the case, however. Rather, it can be an opportunity for positive change. Some people love the thought of growing old in their much-loved family homes, but for those who don’t, for those who have perhaps felt trapped by work commitments or frustrated at always seeing the same places and the same people, retirement brings the chance to escape; it’s a time for the adventure to retirement destinations.

Top 5 Retirement Destinations in the US

Time to live the dream

No matter how satisfied they are with their lives, most people dream of bigger and different things. Many like the idea of moving to a new location, becoming part of a thriving social community with people who have shared interests, or maybe living quietly in an attractive home with a beautiful view. Whether it’s the majesty of the mountains, the vast open landscapes of the desert, or the sparkle of the sea, everyone has somewhere they long for and these days it’s easier to make a big move than it has ever been. Interstate removal companies make it a simple matter to ship your possessions, while others prefer to make a complete break with the past, leave everything behind and reinvent themselves the way they always wanted to. After all, following retirement, it’s really no one else’s business how one dresses, what one does, or when.

Retirement Destinations

What to look for in a retirement location

When choosing somewhere to retire there are two things to consider; what’s important now and what’s likely to become important in the future. Looking to the future and recognizing that most of us become infirm, sooner or later, it’s a good idea to choose either a fully accessible property or one that can easily be adapted. Flat sidewalks nearby are a big asset, as are good health and social care facilities in the vicinity. Establishing a good home in this way means it’s much easier to hold onto independence in the long term and stay there as long as desired. So, whenever you feel is the best time to move into a retirement community, keep such points (and more) in mind and you should be able to make an informed decision.

The benefits of sea air

Of all the landscapes to look for in a retirement location, coastal areas are one of the most popular. Before the advent of modern medicine, sick people were often sent to the coast because of the supposed healing powers of sea air and today many agree that it feels revitalizing. What’s more, a good sea breeze makes the air fresh and easy to breathe, even in hot weather. Advancing years make people more inclined to feel the cold, so warmth is important in a retirement location; it also reduces stiffness in the joints. A warm coastal community is a perfect choice.

Top retirement locations

One way to select a retirement location is to look at what has worked out well for others. America’s top retirement locations each have its own distinct appeal:

Florida: with sun, sea, and sand, low taxes, low property prices, and an easygoing outlook on life, the Sunshine State has a great deal going for it. There are some very friendly communities, ideal for those looking to build new social networks in their adopted hometowns.

Arizona: the dryness of the desert is great for many health conditions, and Arizona has great health care facilities; it also offers some superb senior communities. To the south, the mountains provide beautiful views, though nothing quite matches the brilliance of an Arizona night sky.

South Carolina: with charming old-fashioned towns, the lowest state taxes in America, and special benefits for retirees, this is a place that provides a real Southern welcome right beside the ocean. It’s a longstanding favorite for good reason.

New Hampshire: few places offer such a great combination of relaxing surroundings, with vibrant cities within easy reach. It also has impressive cultural centers of its own, plus impressively cheap healthcare.

Georgia: a traditional favorite, Georgia is a place where older people have always been respected and enjoy excellent standards of care. Its warm climate and gentle, pleasant countryside make it a wonderful place to call home.

The excitement of starting a new life

With all these options and more, moving house at this time of life can be a thrilling prospect. It’s a great chance to make new friends, take up new hobbies, and explore new ways of living. Retirement doesn’t have to mean settling quietly into old age, it can mean taking on new challenges and looking forward to enjoying some of the best years of life.

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