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18th Century Spanish Dinner – Taberna Del Caballo

What’s a visit to St. Augustine and not eat at an authentic Spanish Tavern (Taberna del Caballo) which resembled one of the 40 taverns that were open during the 18th Century.

restaurants in st. augustine

The Taberna is part of the Colonial Quarter St. Augustine, a living museum and re-enactment attraction taking you back through three centuries of St. Augustine history. However, you can enter right from St. George Street without paying entrance fee to the Colonial Quarter.

Restaurants In St. Augustine – Why a Spanish Tavern

There is no shortage of yummy places to eat in St. Augustine, which we had a chance to enjoy as well. But having a traditional meal as the Spaniards once did back in their heyday was one experience I didn’t want to miss out on.

Fun Facts about Spanish Taverns and Tapas

  • Tapas date back to the 14th and 15th century when the Spanish King, Alfonso the Wise, issued a royal decree stating that everyone take tapas style meals with the drinks to avoid bar fights. 
  • Tapas literally means lid or cover

Food Served at Taberna Del Caballo

You will find the typical tapas here, also a wide variety of flatbreads, sangria and plenty of beer on tap. Here is the regular menu and kids menu for a better look.

beer on tap - tavern st . augustine

We mainly ordered off the regular menu and that night we were there flatbreads were on special offer so we tried quite a few.

restaurants in st. augustine
Cheese Flatbread

And we had the St. Augustine special flatbread with the Datil Pepper and BBQed chicken- surprisingly delicious

Flatbread with Datil pepper and bbq chicken

Queens Plate – with artichokes, salsa, olives on toasted bread – my favorite

queens plate - spanish tapas

Meatballs – this is usually my favorite Tapa to munch on at Spanish restaurants, so I wasn’t able to resist here.

meatballs at tavern in st. augustine

Cheese dip – my son loves melted cheese with breadsticks at home. I think getting this tasty dish was a big mistake since it is a billion times better than I will ever make it. So I had a big warning for my son, that mama can’t make it like them since we don’t have the right ingredients in Guatemala

fondue with breadsticks

Games for kids – back in the 18th Century kids had to be entertained like today’s kids. With no ipads and tablets, my oldest son played a historic came getting the ring on the hook the whole time we were there. What fun.

kids fun- family friendly restaurant in st. augustine florida

This was one of our absolute favorite eating out experiences while in St. Augustine.  And the best part it was dirt cheap. Literally, the flatbreads were on sale for $5 each. The rest was no more than $10 a dish. And they were huge dishes on top of that.

If you had to pick anywhere to eat while visiting St. George Street, I would say this is the place.


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