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When visiting the Florida Keys eating at fun seafood restaurants is just as important to visit as the historical places that put this place on the map such as Sloppy Joe’s and Captain Tony’s or anything Ernest Hemingway.

The latter restaurants and bars are more for the nighttime partying scene, and seafood joints on the water are the best way to spend an afternoon.

Hogfish Bar and Grill, Restaurants in Key West on Stock Island

When looking for restaurants in Key West tons come up in the search, but few that stood out above the rest. And when I mean ‘the rest’ I am referring to what the Conch Republic’s locals rave about. And Hogfish Bar and Grill kept popping up on all the cool blogs and websites that I read voraciously as part of my research for our trip.

Why Hogfish Bar and Grill is Different Than Most Restaurants 

So why is Hogfish Bar and Grill a local’s favorite? Cause it is what the lower Keys restaurants used to be like when they were fishing towns before tourists discovered these islands.

The restaurant is located on a Marina on Stock Island right near the ex-headquarters of the Bay of Pigs operation. And during peaceful times this was where the Cuban ferry used to dock. Basically, it’s not a place you simply walk over to, you have to know it is here.

And once you arrive, you are so glad you did.

We arrived to Hogfish on our Hog (Harley Davidson) as part of our mini, way-overdo honeymoon.

Harley Davidson Rental

The hostess at the door greeted us like old friends and we sat in the main dining area. The place was packed full with families and couples all enjoying the outdoor feel and great food.

As usual we love to try out the specials of the restaurant and the place we are visiting.

HogFish Bar and Grill, Stock Island - Menu

Instead of just getting different dishes, we got sample platters which is what I love most! A taste of all the yummy goodness.

food at hogfish bar and grill key west

We had stuffed shrimp, coconut shrimp, conch fritters, crispy hogfish fingers, and steamed shrimps.

eating at hogfish grill in key west

And if you’re into spicy food, how about some buffalo shrimp with blue cheese sauce.

buffalo shrimp at hogfish restaurant stock island

Hogfish Bar and Grill Specials 

How can you come to Hogfish restaurant and not have the original Hogfish sandwich.

hogfish sandwich at hogfish grill in key west

And the best part, only on Fridays, they serve up Conch chowder. The day we arrived it was windy and I was cold from being on the back of our motorcycle and this was the perfect way to start our meal. Honestly, I’ve never eaten anything Conch so it was a huge treat and tasted way better than I ever thought it would.

Hog Fish Bar and Grill - Key West, Florida - conch chowder

During our lunch Bobby, the owner, who is one of those guys you become instant best buds with, joined us making our time at his restaurant so fun. He gave us the dirt on all the things that were happening in his neck of the woods  – Key West. Introduced us to some of his staff which you can tell are not just employees but are part of his family.

Hog Fish Bar and Grill - Key West, Florida - entrance

Our experience at Hogfish Bar and Grill was way more than just me-and-my-hubby having a seafood lunch. We left the restaurant feeling as though we were part of their community. And nothing beats that!

Video Fun

Information for Visiting Hogfish Bar and Grill

Even though we had samples of some of their dishes, there are tons more to choose from. You can get a good idea what you can get from their menu.

Just because the restaurant isn’t within walking distance on Key West, this is a must visit place. It’s open all day long, but I would recommend it best to be during the daylight hours and even better for sunset.

Phone: 350-293-4041

Address: 6810 Front Street, Stock Island, FL 33040

Restaurants in Key West – Hogfish Bar and Grill – Review

Last Updated on August 17, 2023

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  1. The food looks delicious! I’m glad you enjoyed your date! 😉 It looks like a really fun atmosphere. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I love conch! I haven’t had it in ages though. Conch chowder is always a favorite and I wouldn’t pass up conch fritters either.

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