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Restaurant Review – Honest Reviews of Local Restaurants.

Learn about the kid friendly options in different parts of the world for families.

Unraveling the Mystery of Eating Out in Cuba – Restaurants in Havana

Where to eat in Cuba while on vacation? That’s a good question since they have such a wide variety of choices, other than the obvious places you normally visit. There is so much more than just restaurants in Havana. Get … Continue reading

Jet Setting on Playa Sunzal, El Salvador

When I think of jet setters, they rarely visit El Salvador. I must admit this has all changed after our visit to Hola Betos Restaurant. From the outside the restaurant doesn’t look like anything special. As a matter of fact, … Continue reading

Kids Restaurant – The Only Kid Run Restaurant in Antigua, Guatemala

Eating out for me is about the experience. Anyone can go to any old restaurant, but how about trying something totally new and different! Living in Antigua, I can say we have tried 90% of the restaurants here. It was … Continue reading

Secret Attraction of La Libertad on the Balsamo Coast, El Salvador

What is the most exciting thing about traveling? Discovering places that you have never heard about and mainly visited by locals. Otherwise, you are always kind of stuck in the tourist rut. Sure that can be fun too. But every … Continue reading

Eating Out – Pita Stlye

My son is extremely difficult to please when it comes to food. He is without a doubt the pickiest eaters. While traveling in Honduras a lovely boutique hotel in copan– Yat Balam – invited us for  a visit and lunch. … Continue reading

Pupusa – El Salvador’s Most Traditional Meal

Unlike most western countries, Central American countries have one major staple food that they eat religiously daily and sometimes at every meal. Find out some more fun facts about the El Salvador food. El Salvador is no different. Pupusas are … Continue reading

Where To Get Panines in Antigua, Guatemala

It’s hard not to get into the Panini trend. They seem to be everywhere. However, at this point I’ve had quite a few different ones and I have to say the ones on a French Baguette seem to be my … Continue reading

Do You Know French Cuisine? I Learned at Bistrot Cinq in Antigua, Guatemala

I have very little experience in French Cuisine, so dragged my husband for a taste test. He has even less experience, if that’s possible. The extent of my knowledge of French food is French Onion Soup, duck, Escargot, lots of … Continue reading

A New Restaurant in Town – Santo Domingo Del Cerro!

I’m not one of those people that run to every opening of every new restaurant, but some of them I just have to check out. Especially if they are family friendly and have something new to offer, since it feels … Continue reading

Private Romantic Dinner for Two!

Years ago I remembered my sister in law had a super romantic engagement. It was before I was living here, but I specifically recalled it was in Antigua and her fiance reserved a section of a restaurant. Feeling romantic and … Continue reading

Beef Bourguignon – A Fancy Name For Beef Stew

I was a vegetarian for many many years, even a vegan for 6 years but slowly as I started producing babies, my body has been asking for protein other than soy. I have even started to venture out to fancy … Continue reading

Family Travel – My Favorite Restaurants for Kids in Antigua

I have mentioned before how small Antigua Guatemala is. But for those who don’t know, it is a teeny tiny colonial city with only 10 square blocks. Sometimes people think that because of that Antigua has nothing to do or … Continue reading

Costa Rica Restaurant Review – Mac’s American Sports Bar in San Jose, Costa Rica

Cost: $10 to $20 Food Quality: Average Decor: Regular bar decoration Service: Average Cuisine Type: American Location: 100 m south of La Contralor’­a, South Sabana, San Jose Costa Rica Phone: 2231 – 3145 Website: Mac’s American Sports Bar Take a … Continue reading

Guatemala Restaurant Review – Fridas, Mexican Food in Antigua Guatemala

Cost: pricey Food Quality: good, nothing spectacular Decor: Modern Service: Average Cuisine Type: Mexican Location: 5th Avenue North #29, Calle del Arco Antigua Guatemala Phone: 7832 – 1296 Website: Fridas Check out some other great restaurants in Antigua Guatemala. Some … Continue reading

Costa Rica Restaurant Review – Great Seafood at La Princesa Marina in La Sabana, San Jose Costa Rica

Cost: $10 to $20 Food Quality: Good Decor: Simple and Comfortable Service: Average Cuisine Type: Seafood Location: 15 m south of canal 7, West Sabana, San Jose Costa Rica Phone: 2296 – 7667 Website: La Princesa Marina Take a look … Continue reading

Costa Rica Restaurant Review – El Chicote, One of San Jose’s Oldest Steakhouses

Cost: $10 to $20 Food Quality: Good Decor: Beautiful, Discrete Service: Attempt Cuisine Type: Steakhouse / Seafood Location: Two Blocks West from I.C.E, North Sabana, San Jose Costa Rica Phone: 2532 – 0936 Find out where to eat in Costa … Continue reading

Guatemala Restaurant Review – Nokiate a Sushi, Sake and Seviche Restaurant in Antigua

Cost: Pricey Food Quality: Amazing Decor: Asian Modern Service: Great Cuisine Type: Japanese Location: 1st Avenue South #7, Antigua Guatemala Phone: 7821 – 2896 Website: Nokiate Find the best restaurants in Guatemala.    Some Facts for You Nokiate is a … Continue reading

Costa Rica Restaurant Review – Soda Tapia, Traditional Food in San Jose

Cost: Under $5 Food Quality: Good Decor: Cafeteria-like Service: Average Cuisine Type: Costa Rica Location: 2nd avenue and 42nd street Paseo Colon, San Jose Costa Rica Phone: 2222 – 6734 Website: Soda Tapia Check out these great restaurants of Costa … Continue reading

Guatemala Restaurant Review – Caffe Mediterraneo

Cost: Very Pricey Food Quality: Nothing outstanding for the prices they charge Decor: Simple, but with an elegant touch Service: Good Cuisine Type: Italian Location: 6th Street #6A, Antigua Guatemala Phone: 7832 – 7180 Website: Caffe Mediterraneo Check out more … Continue reading

Costa Rica Restaurant Review – Machu Picchu a Great Peruvian Restaurant in San Jose

Cost: $10 – $20 Food Quality: Tasty Decor: Simple Family Restaurant Service: Good Cuisine Type: Peruvian Location: 32nd Street between 1st and 3rd avenue Paseo Colon, San Jose Costa Rica Phone: 2222 – 7384 Website: Machu Picchu Restaurant Check out … Continue reading

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