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Renting a Car in Greece – What You Need to Know

Although the process of renting a car in Greece does not seem like a big deal, there are some nuances here and there, which it is better to know about before traveling. This will save not only time and nerves but also your hard-earned money. That is why, on the eve of the new season, we tried to collect several valuable tips for those who are planning a large or might be not that big Greek auto trip. We collected valuable tips for planning renting a car in Greece. Most of these tips are based on our professional experience.

Renting a Car in Greece

Everything depends on the season 

As a country with a considerable seasonality in tourism, the difference in the cost of car rental in Greece in high and low seasons can differ by 100%.

For example, in winter, a budget compact car can be found at a price of 10-15 Euros per day, and the same car in July-August will cost 35-40 or even all 50 Euros / day.

But this is only half the trouble. As you know, price is a derivative of demand. If in winter these small cars are well presented in Greek rental offices, then in the summer months, they are dismantled long before the peak of the season. Keep that in mind. 

The development of the Internet has aggravated the issue of supply and demand even more and, moreover, not in favor of clients. Accustomed to paying with cards for services through the World Wide Web, Europeans and Americans revive in the Greek market at the end of winter and early spring. For example, it is almost impossible to hire a car in Athens during the whole summer. Don’t get me wrong, the chances of finding a car remain, but neither the prices nor the choice can be compared with the abundance that will amaze tourists who come to Greece during the off-season months.

The longer, the better

The cost of renting a car in Greece, wherever you take it, is subject to a straightforward rule. The longer you rent a car, the cheaper it will cost you every day of rental. Moreover, the difference can be pretty significant. Once again, it is better to rent a car 2-3 months prior your day of departure, and we suggest you do it through the site . The prices are lower, and you have a chance to book a car with a local car supplier, which is more or less like Airbnb

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