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Rent a Caribbean Island for Your Next Vacation

Renting a private jet or a private island may seem like something reserved only for the rich and famous. However, these types of activities are within the reach of many families looking for an enjoyable and affordable holiday. Moreover, the experience will be truly unique. Not only will you have the island’s luxury accommodations to yourself, but most rent-able islands are also fully staffed, offer restaurants and bars, as well as all of the water toys that you are looking for. Renting an island may be a great option for your next getaway if you want enjoy without interruption.Here’s how to rent a Caribbean Island.

Rent a Caribbean Island


Arithmetic makes this affordable for a family vacation. If you do joint planning with another family or include several friends, the shared costs come down dramatically. And if you divide the resulting private space by the small number of people involved, you can see how well you’ll find whatever peace and quiet you may want out of the arrangement. Also, there is less of a need to protect children and young adults from unsavory elements that you might encounter in other warm-water environments – especially true for those water-baby kids who’ve had swimming lessons since infancy and love the water.

Compare this to all the expenses and arrangements for the usual family vacation, with hotel and meals, as well as marine tours, water fun equipment such as jet skis, etc. And there are always extras and luxuries. When you do the math, the idea of planning a getaway for a small group makes financial sense. 

Finding the Right Island

Finding your idyllic island retreat is easier than you think. There are many companies specializing in private island rentals, many of which are miniature private resorts. However, they are not all the same. So you need to consider what amenities they offer, what the accommodations are like and the level of service they provide before you make a selection.

Getting to the island is a factor to weigh carefully. Rent-able islands will offer some form of transportation from the mainland, but there may be a pick-up or drop-off point that requires additional transport. you’ll need to establish the precise door-to-door logistics. But don’t let this stop you. There are many islands in the Caribbean that are actually not difficult to get to. But nail down the logistics. 

How to Rent an Island

There are a number of websites that specialize in Caribbean Island rentals, and you will have to search around to find the ones that seem well regarded and rewarding – this how-to guide is not to steer you to any specific commercial choice. In most cases, you will be dealing with a booking agent. Occasionally, you will be able to deal directly with the island owner. These professionals can help you with any special needs that your family may have. 

For instance, if your family is looking for a specific marine tour, they will be able to arrange it. Also, if someone in your party has special dietary needs, they will be able to work with the local chefs to ensure that everyone has great meals and snacks when they want them. These operators are accustomed to families and groups wanting an all-inclusive package experience.

Looking for that Unique Experience

When you begin looking for your private island adventure, have an idea in mind about what your group can reasonably spend. Consider also if you will need assistance in arranging flights or land transportation. Many booking agents will be able to help with these details. Before you even begin contacting agents, know how many bedrooms your group will require. Identify any “must haves” for the vacation. 

When you understand the bottom lines of what your group needs, then you can judge each possibility based on service reputation, and additional extras and amenities that would be nice to enjoy. High travel times in the Caribbean, such as Christmas, are reflected in higher prices. Low season periods such as summer will bring lower costs, but also higher temperatures, humidity and chance of rain. Shoulder seasons, such as fall or spring, are better times to capture the warm waters, sunshine and cost savings. Study the seasons a little as you plan.

Don’t Be Shy, Ask for What You Need

Families often need certain things to make their vacation enjoyable and practical. If you need highchairs or cribs, ask for them. Ask about disabled access, nannies, masseuses and single level properties. Be clear about what your travel group will need before booking a property. You can even request that someone meet your group at the airport and help everyone through immigration and customs. 

Will the driver be able to provide drinks and snacks from the airport to the destination point? These are details that can make a trip more enjoyable, and are features and services that many operators have come to treat as necessary, particularly to accommodate families with small children. All of these details and special features should be specified to get your group to your sandy location as easily as possible.

Renting a private island for a family group vacation is not an unrealistic goal. If you do your research and nail down exactly what your group is looking for, you can find the island dream vacation that everyone is looking for. Don’t ever let the cost intimidate you, take the time to do the math, consider the number of people who will be in your group and what the bottom-line costs will be versus a more traditional Caribbean vacation. In the end, you could find that a sun drenched private island vacation is well within your reach.

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