Renaissance Marriott Barcelona Fira Hotel Review, Spain


Renaissance Barcelona Fira Hotel Review, Spain

Renaissance Fira Barcelona hotel

One of my biggest splurges was when we went to visit Barcelona and stayed at this super hotel, It’s a little bit outside of Barcelona center, but the reason why is that we needed certain things that we wanted to have, and that were on top of the beauty of the hotel. That is why today I want to review the Renaissance Barcelona Fira. 

Why did I choose Renaissance Barcelona Fira Hotel?

We were looking for a hotel that had parking because we came with a car. We were traveling all around the areas of Barcelona and outside because it was for a trip to find where we wanted to move to. Having a car was valuable for us, so we needed parking. Even though the parking was an extra fee, we were totally okay with it.

The other main thing that we really needed was a fitness center and a pool because my husband had an accident, he needed to do physio every day, and that was in the fitness center, and why not have a great pool during the summer of Spanish days? I mean, it is just phenomenal. So that’s how I choose the Renaissance Barcelona Fira Marriott Hotel. It was definitely a splurge for us, but I was so excited for us to stay there.

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barcelona view at night from a pool at the renaissance fira hotel

Getting Around

The best thing is it’s in Plaza Europa, and they have the Metro literally right there. So you’re able to get anywhere in Barcelona within 30 minutes. The Metro is quick, and they have a ton of buses, like five or six different lines of buses that come right to Europa Center. Europa center is a beautiful center, a plaza, I should say that it is beautiful to walk around, but there aren’t many restaurants to choose from.

If you want to go and eat out, you do need to get into Barcelona Center.

Renaissance Barcelona Fira Hotel

The Renaissance Barcelona Fira Hotel has 27 floors and each room is just this beautiful modern room with incredible views. Pretty much anywhere you stay, especially after going from the 15th floor and up, even the second and third. But obviously, the best views are the higher you go. They have quite a lot of accessibility and a lot of other great things to have on the 14th floor. The entire 14th floor is a beautiful restaurant where you can sit outdoors with a view as well.

room at Renaissance Barcelona Fira hotel

Gym and Jacuzzis

The 26th floor is where they have a beautiful gym and one of the most incredible jacuzzis that we have ever seen. I mean, it’s a large jacuzzi, pretty much like a pool with waterfalls and jets and really cool stuff, and you could enjoy it. Obviously, if you go during certain hours, it’s going to be a little bit busy. But we were there during the high time, and we had the jacuzzi to ourselves quite a lot of times, and it was during the morning, in the afternoon, and even in the evening. So you got to pick your time.

woman in a jacuzzi at renaissance barcelona spain

Lounge Area

That is really the magic of the Renaissance Barcelona Fira Hotel. That is their lounge. So their lounge is strictly alcohol and drinks, but they have half of an Olympic-sized pool that overlooks the entire Barcelona with lounge chairs and tables, and you could be at this lounge from ten in the morning until 11:00 p.m.

So you can literally see the sun setting and the beauty of the skyline of Barcelona.

Pool Area

The pool itself opens from nine until 8 pm, and you could use the pool and enjoy it. It is a fantastic pool. We were at the pool pretty much every day, and I have to say that almost nobody ever goes to the pool.

They go to sit on the lounge chairs and enjoy the chairs, but in the actual pool, especially in the morning, if you want to do exercise, we were always the only ones there. So in the evenings, though, that’s when people come and enjoy the sunset and enjoy the drinks on the lounge. That’s when the pool is full of people just hanging out and enjoying the pool, not really doing any swimming. So if you want to do it for exercise purposes, definitely not in the late afternoon, but morning time.

woman lying on a lounge bed at renaissance fira hotel in barcelona spain


So when I say Splurge, it was for just me and my husband. The lowest price room there is €200. It doesn’t include anything other than the facilities, and you can get packages with breakfast and whatnot and bigger rooms. But we had the regular room, and it was more than enough.

Room Amenities

It comes with its own refrigerator, and tea kettle, which makes such a huge difference. Obviously the TV, it’s got everything you can meet for an incredible stay. If I was to stay there again, yes, I definitely would recommend it. I give it a high review. The Renaissance Barcelona Fira Hotel is a beautiful hotel that offers a lot of amenities.

man in a bed looking through a window at renaissance hotel barcelona

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