Top 6 Relaxing Things to Do in Orlando

You can’t think of Orlando without conjuring up images of theme parks; after all, many families choose to go to Orlando simply for the opportunity to go on daring rides and take part in amazing attractions. However, theme parks do not have to be the only reason you vacation in Orlando. There are spots to relax and get mental clarity or enjoy yourself while visiting this great city! Some of the best places to visit during your Orlando vacation to make it even more amazing. Here you will find some relaxing things to do in Orlando.

What better way to relax than home from home in one of the many villa holidays in Orlando.

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Relaxing things to Do in Orlando

There are so many things to do in Orlando that it is easy to get overwhelmed. However, we were intent on having fun but also having downtime during our vacation. We wanted to leave feeling rested, not like we needed another vacation to recover from the first one.

Plan, but don’t plan too much. Figure out what are some “must-see” attractions for you, and have a loose idea of when you want to do them. However, don’t schedule every minute of every day.

Make sure that you aren’t heading to a theme park every day. Doing so will only exhaust you. Put a pool day in your schedule and always make sure you leave room for flexibility.

Also, keep in mind that theme parks are not the only thing you can do in Orlando. There are a lot of smaller attractions where you might have even more fun! You can also find a lot of options for Orlando hotels here, if you are unsure of where to stay during your visit!

Orlando’s ICON Orlando 360

Located on International Drive, ICON Orlando 360 has no shortage of shopping, dining, and entertainment options. There are a number of attractions to see, including what used to be the Orlando Eye as well as SEA LIFE Orlando Aquarium.

There are plenty of restaurants as well; we went with Outback Steakhouse, which had a little something for everyone. There’s a beautiful green to relax on, too, and we spent some time there having dessert after our meal. This was a great way to relax a little after spending the previous day in the theme parks.

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Orlando’s Crayola Experience

We really enjoyed visiting the Florida Mall and spending some time at the Crayola Experience. The kids had a blast, and it was nice to partake in an indoor activity. The heat was starting to get to us. Both of my children enjoy being creative, so this was the perfect place to stop. You and your partner can even take turns monitoring the children while the other gets some solo shopping time!

Orlando’s American Girl Store

The Florida Mall is home to one of the American Girl stores, and it is worth a visit for anyone that enjoys looking at dolls and accessories. Of course, you can purchase a doll, an outfit, or any number of other items, and you can even eat lunch in their restaurant! Advance reservations are highly recommended if you want to eat there; also, don’t worry if you didn’t bring a doll to dine with. The store will let you borrow one for your meal!

Orlando’s Headwaters of the Florida Everglades

There are alligators throughout Florida. If you want the chance to observe them in nature, catch a ride with the Boggy Creek Airboat Rides. You’ll traverse the Florida Everglades and have the opportunity to see alligators, along with a number of other birds, reptiles, and animals.

This may not be a great excursion for a baby or a toddler, because you have to put on noise-canceling headphones. However, we had two children with us (6 and 3), and they both thought it was great! Also, remember to cover up to keep the bugs away.

Kennedy Space Center

It takes about 60 minutes to get to the Kennedy Space Center from Orlando, but this is one drive that you should make. Not only is there a lot to do, including interactive displays, a play area, and a splash pad, but both the young and old will be intrigued at this complex.

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Orlando’s Universal CityWalk

Spend the day at the pool and then make your way to Universal CityWalk; if you get there after 6:00, you do not have to pay for parking. There are a lot of different places to eat, and many of them are kid-friendly. If you spend the day at one of Universal’s theme parks, CityWalk is still a great option. It pulls you away from the frantic pace of the parks and gives you a lot of choices when it comes to food.

There are a lot of places that we weren’t able to go to. Overall, though, we thoroughly enjoyed our time in Orlando and we made great memories to take home with us. We also weren’t exhausted, despite the fact that we were there for nearly a week. We are already planning our return trip!

Last Updated on September 9, 2023

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