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Relaxing With Foot Massagers and Foot Spas

If you’re someone who’d like to get a foot massage or a foot spa treatment done but don’t have the time or money to spend going to a licensed massage therapist or spa practitioner, you’re not alone.  Many people want the relief and comfort of a good foot massage without needing to leave home, and that’s where foot massages and foot spa machines come in. Many different kinds of foot massages and how to give yourself a relaxing foot spa treatment.Learn all about the foot massages.

Relaxing With Foot Massages

That being said, a foot massage or foot spa you should get depends a lot on what you’re hoping to achieve with it; if you have a medical condition that involves chronic foot pain, for example, you’re going to want something different compared to someone who just wants a nice relaxing soak 

With that in mind, we’ve compiled this quick list explaining some of the different types of foot massages and foot spa devices.  

Foot Bath. These foot spa devices are very popular because they allow you to soak your feet in warm or hot water for as long as you like. Additionally, some of them even come with built-in massage features (sometimes in the form of specially designed rollers that knead your foot muscles but sometimes also in form of bubble jets) that will work out the tension and stiffness in feet and leave your feeling more relaxed. These are also available at all price points; cheaper ones may lack certain features (like a built-in heating function) but can often be just as helpful as the more expensive options. An increasingly popular new detoxification treatment called foot detoxification typically uses a foot bath. A foot detox can remove toxins from the body whilst you enjoy the soothing effects of warm water foot soaks and gentle exfoliation.

Electric Foot Massage. Like the foot spa baths, these foot massages are available in many different varieties and designs. Generally speaking, however, the shiatsu massage varieties are the most widely popular for the way they can target your pressure points for powerful relief and relaxation. Other foot massages offer kneading motions instead, which are designed to duplicate the circular motions that would be used by a real massage therapist 

Manual Foot Massage. These are a more basic form of foot care, and basically just involve applying rolling pressure to your foot with a specially designed implement; many people will choose ball-shaped tools that has little bumps and divots on them because these can be quite effective, but there are also tube-shaped foot massages that you can use as well. Furthermore, some people even forego official foot massaging equipment altogether and utilize tennis balls and golf balls instead. That being said, you should probably consult your primary care physician beforehand if you decide to perform such a substitution.  And then slipping your feet into Altra running shoes feels perfectly.

Medical Massage. While medical massage machines can be classified as electric foot massages or foot spa baths depending upon their design, they also carry the distinction of being designed for medical purposes, namely for helping someone to recover from an injury or to help relieve pain and discomfort associated with a long-term or chronic condition (such as plantar fasciitis, which is known for causing stabbing pain and inflammation in the heel area of the foot).  

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