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Rekindle your Romance on a Croatian Yacht Charter

Do you love giving surprises to your family? You can give them a fantastic surprise by organizing a yacht holiday tour with your family to the beautiful coastline of Croatia. It is an incredible country with many natural wonders which you can visit and explore by touring on a yacht with your family. The whole experience of gently sailing over the Adriatic Ocean’s blue-green waters is mesmerizing and will help rekindle your old romance with your partner. There are numerous yacht charters in Croatia, and you must do your due diligence to find the best boat and crew to enjoy a fabulous holiday with your family travelling along the coastline of Croatia.

What makes Croatia such a great sailing destination

Croatia is renowned for its breath-taking natural beauty, favourable winds, contoured coastline, and its kind and welcoming people. This beautiful country has four distinct sailing regions: the Kornati region, the Split region, the Dubrovnik region, and the Istria and Kvarner region. Each one of these areas has its own identity, and you will love exploring them with your family.

Split Area

In Split, you will find numerous hidden bays which can only be accessed by water. This is a fantastic place, and here you can explore the incredible natural beauty and numerous well-preserved historical monuments. You and your family can ask the captain to drop anchor near one of the many islands that dot the coastline of Croatia and relax on the beach.

A yacht charter in Croatia allows you to enjoy your holiday on your terms, as you do not have to battle the huge crowds. You can schedule your holiday as per your convenience. You will be spoiled with options when you cruise to Split, discovering places such as the well-preserved Diocletian palace (also listed on the UNESCO World Heritage list). Other places to visit in Split are Solta, Brac, Vis, and Hvar.

Kornati Area

This area of Croatia has an indented coastline in which you will find numerous islands, bays, anchorages and coves where you can enjoy a quiet time with your partner. Some important places you can visit in this part of Croatia include Zadar (3000 years old), Sibenik (erstwhile royal city), and the islands of Ugljan, Pag, Pashman, Iz, Ist, Long Island, Zlarin, and Murter. These islands are known for their amazing beaches that you will love to walk on.

Dubrovnik Area

This area is also well-known for its rich historical heritage, beautiful landscape and numerous tourist places (some of which are listed on the UNESCO World Heritage list). When you come to this part of Croatia, you must visit the city of Dubrovnik, Elafiti islands, the town of Korcula, the Mljet National Park and many more.

Istra and Kvarnrt Area

This is Croatia’s fourth area, where you can explore a famous UNESCO-protected monument, the Euphrasian Basilica. You can also visit the beautiful city of Istria (here you will find numerous remains of Roman architecture). Some other places you can visit include the islands of Rab, Cres, Krk, and Losinj islands.

Hire a yacht Charter in Croatia to visit these fantastic places and have a great family trip you will love to remember. Croatia offers numerous experiences, including beautiful weather, superior infrastructure, mesmerizing natural beauty and hospitable people. All of these make Croatia one of the best European sailing destinations.

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