Regular VS Pop Up Camping Tents

Camping is an excellent way to really immerse yourself in your travel experience. You can take in the sights of the mountains, sleep on a warm beach, or find yourself feeling at peace in the middle of the forest. Not only is it a great way to get to know an area you’re visiting, but it’s a lot cheaper than a hotel!

The type of camping gear you take with you will make all the difference for your holiday. If you’re hiking through the Appalachian mountains, you’ll want different gear than if you were camping and climbing in Siurana, Spain! Knowing the difference between regular tents and pop-up camping tents can really help to know which camping gear is best for your travels!

pop up tent for camping

Pop Up Camping Tents

Instant camping tents are all the rage with modern campers. They provide an easy campsite set up, and they work really well! They are generally made from really great materials like polyester and come with lots of extras like rainfalls and sunshades.

Pop-up camping tents are usually pretty small. Unless you splurge for one of the best pop-up camping tent brands on the market, then you’ll probably end up with a one or two-person tent. There are pop-up tents that are made for larger groups that are of great quality and not too expensive!

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  • Lightweight. Pop up camping tents are really lightweight. This makes them great for hiking, biking, and climbing expeditions. They are typically made with aluminum alloys or flexible steels, so they are not only light, but they are sturdy!
  • Easy. Pop up camping tents can take as little as five minutes to set up entirely. This is really great if you’re moving your campsite every single day. You don’t have to spend an hour or two making camp each evening!
  • Pack up. This type of tent is super simple to pack back up into your travel gear. Whether you’re sleeping in a larger, two-person tent, or everyone has their own, they are extremely easy to put away!


  • Materials. Though they come with extras like rain-flys and sunshades, pop up camping tents are made to be lightweight. This means that their materials are also light. Generally made to withstand weather, they aren’t as heavy duty as other, regular tents.
  • Small. Though there ARE brands that are bigger, pop up camping tents are generally smaller than most regular tents!

If you’re looking for an easy and lightweight tent, then the pop up camping tent is for you! Great for carrying on long hikes, biking trails, and climbing expeditions!

Regular Camping Tents

There is a reason that camping tents have been around for as long as they have been. They are incredibly durable, can sleep four or more people comfortably, and are generally built to last! So if you need some camping tips for Sardinia, or really want to spend the week fishing next to the lake, you’ll need a durable tent to keep you safe!

regular tent for camping

Regular camping tents are typically larger than pop up camping tents. They are built to withstand heavy weather, winds, and lots of rain. They not only come with rainfly and shades, but the typical camping tent will also come with extras like mud mats, mesh shelves, utility loops for hanging wet or dirty items outside the tent, and a lot more luxurious details!


  • Sturdy. Regular camping tents are meant to be extremely sturdy. Your base point for your camping holiday, your tent will be staked, tied, and hammered into a lasting position.
  • Weather. Regular camping tents are generally more heavy-duty than pop up camping tents. They are made from thicker, rip-stop polyester materials to endure more treacherous weather conditions.
  • Size. Regular camping tents can fit more people in a more comfortable way than MOST pop up camping tents. A normal tent is made to house two or more people, with a large number of regular camping tents being made to fit four or more people!


  • Set Up Time. Regular camping tents require a lot more time to set up. You have to place poles throughout the tent, you have to sometimes put the poles together, you have to stake down guidelines, and so much more. Some tents are easy, taking ten minutes or so, but the larger tents can take upwards of thirty minutes.
  • Not Portable. By being heavy-duty and really durable, that means they are generally heavier. Not being as portable or as easy to move campsites, these tents are great for staying at one campsite for longer!

Regular camping tents are both durable, reliable in harsh weather, and can sleep your whole family!

Buying Camping Tents  

Regardless of the camping tent, you’re planning to purchase; it’s important to consider getting a high-quality tent. You have to consider the following factors when choosing and shopping for a camping tent for your next trip: 

  • Number Of People: How many people will be using the tent? The average two-person camp tent size varies. These tents, measuring an average of 230cm x 160cm, can be spacious enough for two adults of above average height (at least 100cm). If you have several companions with you, you’ll need a bigger tent. 
  • Number Of Days On A Camping Trip: You’ll tend to bring more supplies and items when you spend more days on a camping trip. You’ll need more clothes, kitchen supplies, and other survival tools and equipment unless you want to camp like a real survivor without these things. Hence, you’ll need a bigger tent. 
  • Where To Find A High-Quality Tent: You need to ensure that you bring only high-quality camping tents to enjoy your outdoor nature trip experience. Read the reviews of customers online, like on social media or dedicated product review platforms. You can get high-quality regular and pop-up camping tents at stores for outdoor adventures or on online shops like Camp Outdoors and similar e-commerce stores.  

Not Just Good and Bad

These two types of tents are really great for a number of reasons. You simply need to be aware of the type of camping you’ll be doing to be able to pick the right tent! If you plan on moving around frequently and transporting your own gear, then a lightweight pop-up tent is for you!

If you want to stay in one place, where you’ll need to have a little more durability to your tent for the whole family, then a regular camping tent is your choice! No matter the need, these two types of tents will make your outdoor experience more comfortable and more fun!

Last Updated on September 17, 2023

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