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Refrigerated Shipping in Canada: The Future of Logistics Services

Refrigerated shipping is a type of shipping that involves the use of refrigeration to keep products cool and fresh during transit. This is achieved by using refrigerated containers, which can be either dry or wet. Dry containers are typically used for the transportation of goods such as fruit, vegetables, meat, and even medications. It’s growing fast, and it’s the future of logistics services, recently refrigerated shipping in Canada has stepped forward in the industry offering top-notch services.

Most refrigerated shipping canada companies offer a strategic temp-controlled solution since shipping temperature-sensitive products need a trailer with the capability to maintain the temperature the whole transit journey, that’s why you should hire a well-known company like Loadify to help you with refrigerated shipping in Canada and all of North America.

The refrigerated shipping industry has seen a lot of changes in the last few years. With the increase in e-commerce and online shopping, the demand for refrigerated shipping has increased exponentially.

The refrigerated shipping industry is not just limited to air freight and maritime transport. There are many other ways of transporting goods that are perishable or need to be kept at a certain temperature. The most common form of transport is by road, but there are other options such as air freight or even by sea freight.

a truck on the road with Refrigerated Shipping in Canada

Main Reason to Use a Refrigerated Shipping

The main reason for transporting goods and commodities in refrigerated containers is to keep them fresh and safe for consumption.

There are various types of refrigerated containers, such as the reefer van and the semi-trailer truck. The reefer van is usually used when shipping small quantities of food items, while the semi-trailer truck is used when shipping larger quantities.

What Method is Used in Refrigerated Shipping?

In order to cut down on costs, many companies have started to use dry ice instead of liquid nitrogen in their shipments, which is cheaper and more efficient than liquid nitrogen. Wet containers are primarily used for the transport of perishable foodstuffs such as milk and yogurt.

How Much is Refrigerated Shipping?

Shipping refrigerated goods is a growing industry. The demand for refrigerated transport has grown by 20% over the last five years, The cost of refrigerated shipping can be expensive, and the process is not always efficient. The cost for refrigerated shipping averages from $200 to $400 per load, with an average transit time of one week.

What Items are Fit for Refrigerated shipping?

There are a ton of items that need to be shipped using a refrigerated unit. A good example is pharmaceutical products, which need to be at a certain temperature all the time. But you can use refrigerated shipping Canada for any temperature-sensitive product and commodities, from flowers to food and such.


As you can see, refrigerated shipping in Canada has grown a lot, since the demand is bigger than ever. There are many reasons to use this shipment option, since it can make a huge difference in your sales, delivering quality to your client is a must, and with this, you can expand your business a lot.

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