Recommendations On Things To Do In Asia Late at Night

Travelers come in all shapes and sizes. And they come with different tastes too. Some of them like to travel the world to see nature, to observe different animal behavior or try exotic food from original sources.Some of the best things to do at night all over Asia.Take a look at this article to find a list of Things To Do In Asia Late at Night.  

Some people are all about experiencing nightlife in different countries. Asia is famous for its’ night activities. Starting from the famous street restaurants, ending on nightclubs and bars to visit.  

If you are planning your vacation in Asia, then you must know how to entertain yourself at night. 12 hours of daylight is not enough to fully enjoy Asia.  

Things To Do In Asia Late at Night

A classic choice of Asian nightlife – Phuket, Thailand 

Thailand is a night city itself. But you can visit Phuket, a seaside boulevard that’s full with colorful lights and bars of all descriptions. 

Be ready to see some sleazy and wild activities if you dig further into night entertainment of Thailand.  

What to do in Singapore after the sun sets 

For first time visitors of Singapore, there’s a big question about what to do in Singapore late at night?  

For traditional travelers that would like to spend some calm nights,  Singapore offers night street restaurants and some traditional Singaporean snacks. You could take a walk through the streets of the city and enjoy the night view and colorful bridges and buildings. 

For those who would like to observe something even better than a regular city sight, you could visit the world’s first Nocturnal Zoo. A wildlife lover like you could enjoy some time observing animals at night.  

And for the real nightlife lovers that can’t wait for regular folks to go to sleep, there’s a lot of choices to drink and dance. Zouk is one of the most popular clubs in Singapore. You could also try visiting Attica Night Club and Trace Club for more Singaporean nightlife experience.  

You would love to go to the Sarawak Rainforest World Music Festival in Malaysia 

If you are a music lover and a nightlife lover, then you’d love this music festival. The festival gathers thousands of fans since 2005. It goes on for three days and offers you a lot of entertainment to tire yourself with. You can listen to music, dance to the tribal music from Asia and learn about their culture. Of course, there’s workshops and exhibits and lots of other things to see.  

Attend a party in Shanghai’s clubs 

Shanghai is not a destination to try and visit only one club. You can gather your strength and go from club to club for the maximum satisfaction.  

You can meet interesting people from all around the world, who love to party as much as you do. You can try different drinks and choose a club on a daily basis. Just be careful not to get too excited before you leave this paradise of party people.  

Things To Do In Asia Late at Night

Spend some wild weekends on Taipei 

Taipei is not just a city, it’s a center of a wild nightlife. You can go through a variety of nightclubs and bars. What’s most important is that local people are very friendly and welcome foreigners with open hands. 

If you are looking for affordable entertainment then Taipei nightlife is something you should definitely try.  

Gili Trawangan – Party island  

Gili Trawangan aka party island is one of the biggest islands of Indonesia. The island gets its’ nickname for the craziest beach parties that they have almost every night.  

If you like to observe the waves of the ocean at night, if you like to party out on the beach and don’t mind a little sand while you’re dancing, then this place is for you.  

Now that you know what Asia’s nightlife has to offer you, choose where to start. Make sure to take a lot of photos to have something to remember from your amazing holidays.

Last Updated on January 10, 2022

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