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Reasons Your Phone Battery Drains Quickly

It happens every single day. You leave your house in the morning with a fully charged battery and by the time you return home, it’s almost about to die. If you are an active user, you constantly need to find a port to charge the battery. What if you need to use your phone urgently but there’s no juice left in it? It can be downright disappointing. You can save yourself a lot of hassle by understanding the root cause of this issue. Four reasons why your Phone Battery drains quickly and learn how to make one charge last much longer.Learn all about the top Phone Battery.

Read on for all the reasons your phone’s battery drains so quickly and how to easily address the problem.

Phone Battery

Top 4 Reasons Your Phone Battery Drains Quickly

1. The Internet

Is the internet a boon or a curse? Nobody knows that for sure, but we do know one thing –  the internet drains your phone’s battery excessively. We use the internet to socialize, communicate, work, and even play. If you leave the Wi-Fi turned on while you’re commuting, your phone constantly looks for networks to connect to which drains the battery faster. In order to save a lot of power, you can turn off the internet for intervals when you don’t really require it.

2. Apps Running In The Background 

Our phones deliver endless notifications throughout the day. With each notification, the phone’s screen lights up, vibrates, and plays a tone. If your screen brightness is set high, the battery drainage will be high too. Then some apps constantly sync data over the cloud. They keep running in the background and chomp off a big section of the phone’s power as well.

3. Might Be A Faulty Battery

Even after turning off most of the battery-hogging applications, if your phone’s battery doesn’t last you a day then it’s probably a hardware issue. The technicians at Bulldog Mobile Repair say that you may need to replace your phone’s battery with a new one. It is natural for a battery to degrade after prolonged use and is necessary to be replaced if you haven’t changed phones in many years.

4. You Are A Heavy User

If you work as a social media manager or a telemarketer then obviously your phone will utilize its battery at a much faster rate. People use their phones for recording videos, photography, and even editing to a great extent. They should opt for a phone that has a bigger and more powerful battery to meet their work needs. Higher-end models are best suited for this kind of work because they consist of better graphic cards and operating systems which help conserve the battery at many different levels.

Phone Battery

You can save your phone’s battery in many different ways. Turn off the internet as a start, pause all background apps, turn on battery saving mode, and lower the screen brightness. Try to avoid picking up your phone impulsively. It is easy to lose track of what we’re supposed to do and scroll through feeds aimlessly. Use your phone consciously for productive things. You won’t face a “Battery Low” problem when you least expect it again! 

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