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6 Reasons Why New York City is Great

If you have read my articles for a while, you already know that I grew up in New York City. Even though life took me to Central America, I still love and miss being in NYC. I’ve visited it many times with my kids, so they can get a full scope of this incredible and diverse city. And that’s exactly why I am writing this article so that everyone can get an idea of how awesome New York is. Six reasons that make NYC one of the best and unique places in the world. Take a look at this article to learn about New York City.

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New York City - Manhattan skyline in the day

It is also part of a campaign by Address. It is meant for you to think about what makes your zip code an outstanding place and to let everyone know about it. So today I am bragging about New York City.

Here are my reasons why NYC is great:

1. Neighborhoods

Manhattan is only about 12 miles long but you will find tons of areas that are extremely different from each other. In fact, I would dare to say that you will find more diversity here than most cities in the world.
– Greenwich Village – Us locals simply call it “the Village”. The place is heaven for anyone looking for a bohemian and artsy region.
– East Village – This is the cradle of the counterculture in New York. This was, in fact, the birth place of musical movements such as Punk rock.
– Upper East Side – This area of the city is well known for being one of the most wealthy neighborhoods in New York City. It is also known for museum row with the MET and other amazing museums.
– Upper West Side – This is yet another elegant area where people with quite a bit of money live. It is also considered New York City’s cultural and intellectual hub with Lincoln Center as one of the main spots to enjoy.
– Chelsea – In this area, you will find up to 200 art galleries and the Chelsea Historic with interesting landmarks to learn more about the history of this city. And don’t forget Chelsea Peirs – one of the largest sports centers in the US.
– Gramercy – It is a historical area that locals have worked very hard to preserve. Some even call it “a Victorian gentleman who has refused to die”.
Tribeca – Its full name is Triangle Below Canal Street. This is a commercial region centered around produce, dry goods, and textiles. And home to Tribeca Film Center.

New Your City - Circle Line Boat Tour

2. NYC is Surrounded by 2 Rivers

The names of the rivers are East River and Hudson River. Aside from the awesome views that they provide when you climb up to a building, they are amazing places to visit for a fun day out.

Boat tours are the best thing to do on them. Some take you to see the Harbor lights at night, some others take you to see the Statue of Liberty and others take you all the way around Manhattan.

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3. Museums Galore

There are so many museums here that even after growing up in the area I can’t give you an approximate of how many there are. They are also some of the best in the world.
– Museum of Modern Art – This is one of the largest and most influential museums of modern art, not just in the US but in the world.
– Metropolitan Museum of Art – Its permanent collection has two million pieces from all over the globe and is one of the most visited museums in the world.
– National History Museum – The museum has over 33 million specimens of plants, animals, fossils, minerals, rocks, meteorites, human remains, and cultural artifacts. All of this housed in 28 buildings that are interconnected. And don’t forget the dinosaurs.
– Guggenheim – Here you will find an unbelievable collection of Impressionist, Post-Impressionist, early Modern and contemporary art.

New York City - Museum of Natural History

4. The Broadway District

You should come here if you want to enjoy theater plays being performed by some of the best actors and singers in the world. Some say that these are the top theaters in the world. This is also a place to be if you want to find amazing restaurants and the famous Times Square.

It is one of the most important areas in the world when it comes to entertainment. I bet that you can come here every night for a whole month and keep finding some other show or theater play to enjoy.

5. Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts 

If you ever thought of seeing the New York Philharmonic, the Metropolitan Opera, and the New York City Ballet performing life, you can’t miss this area. Some of these shows can get a bit expensive, but I believe that it is worth investing in seeing at least once while in the city.

You will find around thirty performance facilities in Lincoln Center where you can enjoy operas, concerts, and much more. They are a mixture of indoor and outdoor facilities.

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New York City - Central Park

6. Parks

There are hundreds of parks all over the city. In most of them, you will be able to sit to relax.

The most popular one by far is definitely Central Park. It is the largest urban park in the city and a place to visit for a full day of adventures. In it, you will find stuff like fountains, a carousel, monuments, a playground, a theater, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and the famous Central Park Zoo.

For some walking in the park is enough but if you want something a bit different you can rent bikes or maybe go on a pedicab tour.

There are many other things that I love about New York but these are the main highlights that I hope inspire you to come and visit. There are tons of Big Bus hop on off bus tours in New York that allow you to see most of these. is an address verification service that you can use when online shopping. When you put in your house number and zip code, it automatically works out the rest for you to save you typing it all out.

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