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Reasons Why Hong Kong Is a Great Study Abroad Destination

When contemplating studying abroad, most students are inclined towards studying in Australia, the USA, or the European countries. However, most of them aren’t aware that Hong Kong can also be one of the best study abroad destinations. It offers quality education to students and is also pretty cost-effective compared to the US and the UK.

Another great advantage of being a student in Hong Kong is that you get access to a variety of professional tutors in almost every area to help with your learning needs. So, let’s say, if you were living in a town in the western New Territories, you could easily find a Yuen Long Tuition Center (元朗補習社) to make your learning journey a breeze abroad.

Hence, this article mentions different reasons why Hong Kong is a great study abroad destination. Keep reading to learn!

Reason #1: Top-Notch Quality of Education

Do you know that 5 universities in Hong Kong have been ranked in the top 100 universities worldwide by QS in the year 2022? The top three are The University of Hong Kong, The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, and The Chinese University of Hong Kong.

This is proof of how well-reputed and the premium class education system is in Hong Kong. You can find both bachelor’s and Master’s degrees with coursework and research-based programs. The language of instruction in most universities is English so you don’t have to fret about this.

Reason #2: A Lively City

Most people believe Hong Kong to be a “concrete jungle”, however, there’s so much more to this city than just buildings and skyscrapers. It’s even been ranked as the 15th best city worldwide for students by QS.

Of course, as an international student, you want to immerse in the culture and enjoy the hot spots a place has to offer. If you’re more into enjoying the nightlife, you can head to Lan Kwai Fong Street.

You can find lots of nature, beaches, parks, and other natural reserves in this city, which you can never get enough of. Along with this, you can also visit Disneyland, wildlife safaris, and spectacular hiking spots.

Reason #3: Hub of Opportunities

Almost every student who dreams of studying abroad also dreams of having the best job in one of the top companies in the world. Or maybe get excellent job opportunities after completing a degree.

That’s another reason why Hong Kong is the best study abroad destination. Its geographical location has allowed a fusion of the west and the east. Therefore, you can find the world’s top banks in this city and even many international companies in different industries.

This can give you a chance to find a better job afterward or even gain work experience, so you can boost your resume for a job in your home country.

Reason #4: It’s a Food Heaven

Even if you’re not a foodie, coming to this city will allow you to taste a wide variety of scrumptious Asian foods. The best thing about this city is that the locals can speak decent English to guide you better into what to try that best suits your preference.  

In case you are looking for a simpler and more common option such as a good ole beef burger, you won’t regret trying it in this lively city. It will taste just as good as in your home country. 

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