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Discover Fun Facts and Many Great Reasons to Visit Guatemala

A lot of people ignore this small Central American country when they are planning their vacations, mainly because there isn’t enough information about Guatemala out there. And some of what is out there is just highlighting the bad things.  But if you know where to go and what to avoid, it is relatively safe. Enough for me to love living in it and for me to raise my sons here.

Reasons to Visit Guatemala

It is actually a great country, rich in culture, history, and biodiversity.

Lake in Guatemala

6 Reasons to Visit Guatemala

  • First there is the astonishing cultural diversity of this country. It is home to several Mayan communities where over twenty-three different Mayan Languages are spoken. You read it right 23 languages aside from Spanish.
  • A crazy amount of natural beauties such as 35 river systems, 6 major lakes, and almost 1,000 smaller lakes, 4 major climatic regions that contain 14 life zones with over 8,000 species of plants and more than 1,500 species of animals, caves, jungles, and black sanded beaches.
  • What is left of the monumental ancient Mayan cities are scattered all over the country, being the most popular Tikal and El Mirador, the one with the largest Mayan pyramid ever found in the world.
  • In only 109 thousand Km2 (about the size of West Virginia) it hosts 37 volcanoes, three are active and you get to see them in action but there are at least three more that are not 100% dormant. Out of all those volcanoes, all of them have trails for hikers BUT be sure to reach out to DISETOUR or a tour agency before hiking on your own to avoid being robbed.
  • Guatemala was once the center of government to the whole Central American region, and you can still see the ruins of the Mayan city that was chosen by conquerors as their first capital in the region. The place is called Iximche and has a few, not so impressive structures, but is worth visiting for its historical importance.
  • Because it is so small you can go from the jungle to the beach or anywhere you want in a few hours by road. The most it will take you is an average of 18 hours to go across the country.

beautiful street in Guatemala

Why so many Volcanoes in Guatemala?

This country lies on top of the junction of 3 tectonic plates, moving in different directions, and pushing against each other. That’s the reason for its particular landscape. A volcanic range runs parallel to the Pacific coast, which is why the sand of these beaches is black.

On the other hand, the central part of the country is characterized by highlands and mountains that are the result of the Earth’s crust folding due to the pressure of the plates.

The only part of the country that is relatively flat is the northern department called Peten.

This rugged landscape makes Guatemala an incredibly diverse place when it comes to climate and ecosystems, and allowing it to have one of the last tropical cloud forests in the world.

Mayan Ruins in Guatemala

Can you imagine how much fun you could have by traveling to Guatemala? I bet that after reading this the country will be in your must-visit list.

Let me know in the comment is you have any other fun reasons to visit Guatemala.

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Discover Fun Facts and Many Great Reasons to Visit Guatemala

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