Top 14 Reasons to Go on Safari in Africa

“If I have seen magic, it has been in Africa.” -John Hemingway. 

Are you trying to find something cool to do with your vacation time? Read this article to learn why you should go on safari in Africa. For many US travelers, Africa seems like a mysterious and intimidating continent, filled with vast landscapes and strange creatures. Here are some reasons to go on a safari in Africa, you won’t be able to resist the urge to go on one. Look at this list of reasons to go on a safari.

Nature in its purest form? The massive diversity of life? World’s oldest mountain range? Enchanting wildlife? You just name it, and you’ll discover it in Africa. This continent is packed with everything, even surfing. Perhaps, that’s why it is on the bucket list of every traveler and nature lover.

Aside from nature, wildlife and birding, you can also discover unique cultures and captivating ancient history here. In fact, it won’t be wrong to say that Africa is a whole unique world in itself. So, you must visit this place.

But remember that no trip to Africa is complete without the thrilling adventure of safari. Still not convinced? Here you have some reasons to go on an African safari this year.


reasons to go on a safari

Yet it’s those very things that make it one of the best wildlife destinations you could wish for. The number of US citizens discovering the charms of Africa is on the upswing once again, so if you want to beat the crowds, now’s the time to go.

Here’s why a safari in Africa needs to move right to the top of your travel wish list

Top 14 Reasons to Go on Safari

A Safari in Africa is More Affordable Than You Think

If you’re traveling from outside Africa, there’s a good chance the exchange rate is in your favor. Most African currencies simply cannot compete with the mighty dollar.

Besides, things are relatively cheap in Africa compared to most international destinations.

Africa has an abundance of affordable labor, plenty of natural resources, and an entrepreneurial spirit that means you’ll find reasonable prices wherever you go.

You might not think to use the words “budget” and “safari” in the same sentence. However, the truth is that in recent years African safaris have become a more affordable reality for many people. Most safari resorts offer all-inclusive packages meaning you won’t have to stress about extra fees and costs that would otherwise trouble your holiday.

A Break from Reality

Modern life can be hectic and overwhelming. Sometimes, all you want from your holiday is some peace and quiet. A safari offers just that, as you will find yourself tucked away in quiet nature. You will get a chance to contemplate your life, maybe experience certain epiphanies and get in touch with mother nature. Trade the sounds of bustling cars for the serenity of untouched nature.


The biggest appeal of an African safari for many is the search for an adventure! Your trained guide can help you explore the wilderness of Africa safely. You never know what you might discover when you’re left to explore this greatly untouched side of the world. If you feel like the adventure is calling you, look no further than an exciting African safari!

Get the Royal Treatment

Tourism is one of the top industries in most African countries. As such, the locals hold international visitors in particularly high regard.

Wherever you go in Africa you’re bound to experience warm, welcoming hospitality.

Most African people are friendly and helpful by nature, and they double their efforts when it comes to impressing their guests.

Discover Amazing Animals & Plants

The amazing animals that call this continent home are by far the most valuable assets.

From graceful giraffes to lumbering elephants, you’ll find no shortage of interesting creatures to admire on your travels.

Far from being a dry and dusty continent, Africa overflows with lush forests, delicate fynbos flowers, and masses of succulents.

Even the arid areas bristle with bizarre desert-adapted fauna and flora that you have to see to believe.

To watch the big five (lion, elephant, rhino, leopard, and buffalo) in a single tour is an unsaid desire of every traveler. Luckily, you can fulfill this desire on a safari. In fact, the continent, especially the southern part, is so enriched with fauna that you can also discover several other birds and animals. For instance, zebras, giraffes, cheetahs, wildebeest, hippo, antelopes, etc., can be easily located there.

Top Tips for Taking Your Children on an African Safari

Unique Experiences and Activities

No doubt, the main activity on an African safari is daily guided game drives to see this abundance of wildlife.

Yet, you can also set off into the wilderness on a mountain bike, on horseback, or in a hot air balloon.

By far the biggest joy is a guided walking safari where your armed guide will take you within meters of some of the world’s most imposing animals.

Take Zimbabwe’s Mana Pools, for example, if you book a safari here, you can expect to encounter elephants at a closer range than you ever imagined possible.

At the end of a thrilling day, you can look forward to a G&T in a scenic spot followed by dinner around a blazing fire, with star-spangled skies overhead.

For a real treat, settle down for the night in a candlelit cave or open-air sleeping deck nestled high in the branches of a sturdy tree.

Find Total Tranquility

If you’re after a digital detox, an African safari will grant you your wish.

Wi-Fi signal is poor to non-existent in all the best safari destinations, allowing you to relax without the pressures of modern-day life.

Remote safaris will whisk you away to a world of tranquil reflection to the tune of birdsong and miles of wide-open spaces to explore.

Take Memorable Shots

These magnificent landscapes with their rolling savannahs, ochre-deserts, raging rivers, and towering mountains provide plenty of camera-fodder for the keen photographer.

You’ll also find multitudes of small life-forms to zoom in on, lovely blooms to photograph, and lots of action shots thanks to big-game predators.

The cool, clear, and unpolluted light of dawn and dusk provide the perfect canvas for beautifully crafted photographs too.

Lap Up the Unexpected Luxury

You might experience a disconnect from your internet lifeline while on an African safari, but you won’t miss out on many more of the comforts of home.

Most safari lodges in Africa provide very high standards of hospitality.

You can look forward to high-quality furnishings and linens, en-suite bathrooms, private plunge pools, and large wooden decks for unlimited private game viewing.

Communal areas at a high-end resort may include a swimming pool, spa, lounge, library, tanning deck, and gorgeous views.

You can indulge in in-room dining in most places and even enjoy a meal on a dry river bed or in a treehouse overlooking a scenic spot.

Delicious Dining

You’ll never go hungry during your safari adventures. For African people, food is an integral part of making guests feel welcome.

They’ll ply you with local delicacies from morning to noon and present you with haute cuisine seemly whipped out of thin air.

International dishes are well within the scope of Africa’s top lodge chefs and local delicacies are in no short supply either.

If you want to eat Mopani worms and other weird local eats, you’re welcome to do so, but you’ll find most meals are highly palatable.

Prime venison, fresh local vegetables and greens, home bakes, and fat line-fish caught onsite are bound to be part of your daily fare.

Doing Good

Much tourism can have an adverse effect on the natural world. When you book an African safari, you can sleep comfortably knowing your money is going towards the conservation of the very animals you will be seeing. With the increased threat of industry and poaching, these safaris rely on the contributions of visitors to help support the game parks and wildlife centers. Very few adventures can be as positively impactful as an African safari!

When you book an African safari vacation, a portion of the fees you pay goes directly back into conservation.

African animals need all the help they can get against the scourge of poaching and habitat loss.

In several African countries, the high-end lodges belong to the local community and are only managed by professional lodge operators. In these cases, all the profits go directly back into these communities to pay for healthcare and education.

When you stay at one of these establishments, you’re helping to ensure that these wonderful experiences remain available for future generations to enjoy.

Reconnect to Your Roots

How often do you get the opportunity to experience the “authentic” African lifestyle? Very rarely! Fortunately, you’ll be able to avail this rare opportunity on your trip to this place. From trying traditional food to encountering nomadic communities, you’ll surely get awe-struck with their lifestyle. Not to forget, you’ll also get to communicate with the local tribes like Maasai and Mbuti. And, try bush camping. This experience will help create a new perspective of life.

For many travelers, Africa offers an intangible sense of coming home.

Perhaps it has to do with the continent’s role as the birthplace of mankind, maybe it’s to do with returning to a more natural circadian rhythm during your stay.

Either way, you’ll feel right at home during your safari trip.

Floating Over The City In Hot Air Balloon

Imagine watching the enormous landscape and wildlife with a bird-eye view. Seems fascinating, isn’t it? Well, you can experience this with a hot air balloon ride over the city or town. Besides these, there are many other adventures such as white-water rafting, hiking, diving, and shark caging that you can try there.

Note: Trying all these adventures spontaneously might affect your set budget. Therefore, it is recommended to make prior booking for your Africa safari trip, adventure, and other exciting activities. It will make your trip and adventures more affordable, and you might also avail of some extra discounts on advance bookings.

Opportunity To Go Off-road

Last but not least, there are specific areas that allow off-riding for travelers. Believe it or not, it’ll provide you with a sense of adventure, freedom, and discovery. You can simply rent an SUV or a bike and begin your little journey to indulge in the serenity of nature. Take a break to enjoy the stunning sunset, try the food at the local shop, and witness the incredible events of this surprising continent.


Whether you’re dreaming of a safari in Africa or an island escape to the Caribbean, you’ll find all the inspiration you need on my website.

An African safari is undoubtedly one of the things that every traveler wants to experience at least once in their lifetime. Perhaps, after reading this article, your urge to book tickets and get indulged in such a great experience might have been amplified. But, before you begin your voyage, make sure to read the current traveling guidelines.

Keep reading for more information and tips no matter where you’re headed on your next vacation.

Last Updated on March 25, 2022

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