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Reasons to Stay at a Vacation Rental

More and more people today are considering a vacation rental and not a hotel. Have you ever wondered why?b What are the reasons for this?Eight reasons why more and more travelers are starting to prefer vacation rentals over hotels.Take a look at this details of Vacation Rental.

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8 Reasons Why Travelers Prefer a Vacation Rental

vacation rental

1. Spoilt for choice- as the demand for vacation rentals rises, so does the choice for vacationers. From little studio apartments in the heart of the art district, to a sprawling villa on the outskirts of the city, to a house bang in the middle of it all, to little chic spaces to chill and relax, rentals give you a whole lot more than a hotel ever could. Here, you decide what you need- from the size of the space to the kind of atmosphere you desire.

2. Personal touch- some rentals have owners living on the property. Owners are geared to play host and this could mean evenings of fun and laughter, and new friendships. Hotels do try to offer personalized service but they don’t quite succeed like these rentals do. Here, the personal touch is automatic- from flowers in the rooms, to a special dish from the host’s kitchen, vacation rentals often feel like being invited into the home of someone close.

3. Amenities- while hotels list this as a feature on their website, what they mostly mean is the gym and the laundry service. Which is all well and good, but what if you want more on your holiday? Maybe a waffle maker for that special breakfast, maybe that Moka pot for your fabulous early morning coffee. Wi-fi is a must too. The place to get all this, more often than not, is at a vacation rental. So you have the luxuries of home, without the hustle- bustle of your regular life. This is a win-win.

Solaga Vacation rental Malaga - living room

4. Living local- by the sheer nature of the rental, you get to see life up close and personal, like a local. This is way better than some impersonal hotel where you watch life go by from thick glass. Rentals tend to take advantage of the lay of the land and this could give you amazing access to people, customs and cuisine. Your host may serve as the best guide you could ask for and allow you entry into a world only known to people there. What better way to vacation some place than to do so with a complete immersion in that world?

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5. Less expensive-unless you’re going in for an expensive villa in an expensive part of the world, vacation rentals cost less than hotels do. This means you can plan for longer visits and still have money left over for your shopping and souvenir collecting. Cooking meals in the rental’s kitchen will save you bucks as well. What’s more, the fridge on the premises is a perfect place to store all the leftovers you bring back from your meals on the town. With amenities on the premises, you don’t have to spend money on things such as laundry. This will help in many ways.

6. Pets welcome- sometimes we worry about vacations because we have pets and not too many hotels welcome animals on their premises. The option then is to leave them with friends or with professional kennels. It would be so wonderful to take our dog, cat, or bird along with us on a trip. And vacation rentals allow us to do just that. So many rentals welcome pets and may have animals of their own as well. What a great family vacation when every member of your family is with you.

7. Space in closeness- we do want to stay with family members, but sharing a hotel room makes no sense. You could get rooms next to one another but still you may not spend all time together, and more importantly, may not have a common space to hang out without interruptions. A vacation rental is a perfect solution. Pool in resources and get a large place- maybe a house with a garden, pool, porch or sit-out. Maybe it has a comfortable den, or a large living room- all these are good ways to spend time without getting into each other’s space.

8. Custom-made holiday- depending on what you want out of your vacation, you can choose a rental. If your idea of a holiday is a day at the beach, choose a property right on the beach. If you like movie watching, focus on a property with an impressive audio-visual room. If wine-tasting is your scene, see if you can find a vacation rental and a guide who can help you in this pursuit.

No matter what your choice is- a bed and breakfast, a vacation rental house or AirBNB (use this airbnb coupon code), it’s absolutely imperative to do a background check and check the public records before you commit to a property. Websites like are invaluable in this regard. Pay attention to the rating and comments left by users. Call the hosts if you have any queries too. Make sure you’re completely satisfied before you take the final step of payment and confirmation.

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