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5 Reasons you Should Spend your Next Vacation in Greenland

The world is full of beautiful and family-friendly destinations, but none comes as close to the remarkable beauty of Greenland. And, even though this statement feels like I am boasting about the place, quite frankly, it is true, and you will definitely agree with me once you have been there yourself. The scenic landscapes covered with ice give it an unparalleled photogenic beauty. Greenland has everything to feed and quench a traveler’s thirst for life. Throw in the exceptional wildlife, mesmerizing flora, and the mighty icebergs, and the place looks just like a dream you do not want to wake up from. However, this is not it, here are some more reasons why you should visit Greenland on your next vacation

Vacation in Greenland

5 Reasons to go on Vacation in Greenland

1. The Mighty Northern Lights

You must have seen how the sky dresses up in beautiful art forms on a good weather day. What if I tell you that it is nothing compared to what you can spot in Greenland. The magical display of brightly colored, dancing northern lights is something that one must experience at least once in their lifetime; after all, it holds the power to melt even the harshest hearts. And, the best part is that you can catch this visual treat of a dance of colorful lights for about 300 out of 360 nights a year. Although, if you wish to catch the most dramatic art play, then October to April are the best months to plan your vacation.

2. The Big Wall Playground

The Tasermiut Fjord, aka Arctic Patagonia, is one of the most grueling and hence entertaining big wall playgrounds in the world. So, if you are a mountain climber or a kayaking or trekking enthusiast, this is the place to challenge yourself and experience the best adrenaline rush of your life. The mountains display and are well known for their superior rock faces, which are distributed over 70 km (~44 miles) of land. There is also a natural hot spring in the location where you can relax after the grueling trek or mountain climbing session- the best way to end a day indeed.

3. Illulissat and the Sermeg Glaciers

Located on the west side of Greenland, Illulissat and the Sermeg Glaciers, also known as the Illlissat Icefjord, are one of the most active and also fastest glaciers in the whole world. Owing to its mightiness, the icefjord has also been declared as a world heritage site by UNESCO.

4. Extreme Kayaking

Kayaking is fun, no matter where you are, or that’s what you think until you have not kayaked through the natural glaciers gliding over crystal clear waters that mimic the beauty of the sky above. For the uniqueness it offers, Kayaking has become a cultural symbol of Greenland. In fact, kayaking through your Greenland travel adventure can bring you closest to the inexplicable calm that nature offers mixed with the light notes of musings from ice crunches and singing seabirds.

5. Flower meadows in the East

The flower meadows in East Greenland make it look like the Earth was painted as a masterpiece by a seasoned artist. Moreover, the vast mountains, the clear waters, and a hint of golden beams in the evening light surrounding the scenery make it the perfect sunset point to watch.

The beauty of Greenland, in fact, doesn’t end with the places to visit, the culture of this exceptional place is also rich and worth discovering.

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