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Reasons to Visit Barcelona, Spain as your Next Destination

If you have ever visited Barcelona, you can attest to the fact that it’s a cool place. It is a beautiful feeling you can’t explain easily. I can give you tons of reasons to visit Barcelona, Spain but the cold facts matter the most. So it would be best if you felt Barcelona before you can say you love it. This includes meeting its people, touring the streets, and rolling with the local vibe. So, the following destinations will give you a perfect idea of spectacular places to visit on your next trip to Barcelona. 

Why you Should Choose Barcelona, Spain as your Next Destination

Top 4 Reason to Visit Barcelona

La Sagrada Familia

La Sagrada Familia is a nature-themed and breathtaking church right in Barcelona, Spain. The architect, Antoni Gaudi, has the most inspiring and renowned masterpieces all over Barcelona. And what about other incredible facts? Well, constructed in 1882, and over 100 years later, the building is yet to be completed. However, it is Barcelona’s most desired tourist destination. La Sagrada Familia founder Antoni Gaudí was the Catalan architect who designed the building. Sadly, he only saw a quarter of the building finished. His life was cut short in 1926 through a tram accident.

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Park Guell

If you travel to Barcelona, you will meet this public park. The famous architect Antoni Gaudí planned the park building. Park Guell took between 1900 and 1924 to be completed. And by 1926, it was up and functional. Initially, the intention was for the park to hold 60 villas. But this was never to be since only two houses were completed. The numerous entrances to the park make it easily accessible no matter the number of people. Fortunately, 95% of the park is free. This means no charges applicable. Park Guell holds a rich history due to Gaudi’s inspiring masterpieces and being honored as a world heritage by UNESCO in 1984. 

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La Rambla

Also designed by Antoni Gaudí, the La Rambla Barcelona trip starts and ends in the street. It has eye-catching scenery right from open restaurants with mouthwatering delicacies to open bars, malls, and other pieces of beautiful architecture. Those who adore flowers can get a couple of them, available in multiple types and colors. The street is also a home for great pieces of art. You can pay an artist to draw your image or buy some lovely portraits. Even beautifully designed clothes and pieces of jewelry are available. There is absolutely everything you fancy while touring the street. For couples, going out at night in the streets of La Rambla can be romantic. 

Casa Batlló 

In the streets of Paseo de la Gracia, you will find three stylish buildings designed by three renowned architects. Casa Batlló, the most outstanding one, was built by Antoni, who was a brilliant and most creative architect in the world. The building has pieces of striking finishes and pillars similar to bones. Its tiles are mosaic decorated, which adds beauty to the building. And the rooftop resembles that of a dragon. You can visit Casa Batlló at any time of the year to celebrate Sant Jordi festival. The tradition involves Catalonia people celebrating Saint George in Barcelona, their patron saint. You will see couples exchanging gifts. For instance, flowers for women and books for men. This occasion is usually graced with red roses and books flooding the streets of Barcelona


What are you still waiting for? Pack your bag and take the lead to explore all the above-mentioned exotic places. There is no place like Barcelona if you want to enjoy your trip. Its rich history and alluring pieces of art tell it all. Their buildings are also designed in numerous unique styles by their most renowned artists. This is a must-try trip if you want to kill boredom and enjoy your holiday.

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