Rainmaker Conservation Park: Hidden Gem in Manuel Antonio


woman near a river in rainmaker park costa rica

Rainmaker Biological Reserve is one of the many hidden gems in Costa Rica, an almost unspoiled park with swimming holes, waterfalls, and well-marked trails that lead you through the rainforest. A unique place you must explore if you have enough time. Today we’re going to be talking about Rainmaker Park in Costa Rica.

Rainmaker Park in Costa Rica

Rainmaker Park is a private park. Shouldn’t say national park, it’s a private reserve park, but it is obviously open to the public. Normally, if you want to do a self-guided tour, it’s about $20. If you want to hire a guide, it’s about $60. It is located 30 minutes from Manuel Antonio itself and maybe 20 minutes from Quepos, which is the main town of Manuel Antonio.

So you will need to find a way to get to the actual park. They do offer transportation, but then there are also a lot of tour companies that charge the same, that also offer free transportation.

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woman looking to the forest at rainmaker conservation park in costa rica


When you get there, it is a huge circle of a beautiful trail. However, it is not for all levels, so they have ways that you could do shorter trails. It’s beautiful. It’s in the middle of the rainforest.

Definitely do not go if it’s raining. It can get very slippery. There are uphill and downhill, but stairs. And of course, it’s outdoors, it’s nature, so it could get very mossy and very slippery.

It’s about the whole thing slowly, two and a half, 3 hours, including taking some time to dip into one of the swimming holes. Or you could do the shorter version and only do about 1 hour.

woman on a trail in rainmaker biological reserve costa rica

Hanging Bridges

It has beautiful, well-secured hanging bridges, which is a huge deal because hanging bridges are one of the things to do in Costa Rica.

So a lot of private reserves and national parks have them, but a lot of them are not well maintained. So the one thing I do have to say about this particular park, is it is very well maintained.

woman in a hanging bridge in rainmaker park costa rica

Waterfalls and Swimming Hole

The trails are incredible. There are waterfalls, there are swimming areas from the waterfalls, and there are hanging bridges. The entire tour around, if you are not in optimum shape, can get really tiring.

Should You Eat There?

Afterward, you can decide if you want to eat there. And honestly, it is overpriced very basic food. So if you are not starving, I don’t recommend eating their food.

If you want to do it, and you don’t know if you have any other plans, go for it. But honestly, for the price that you’re paying, you can get a much better meal and a lot more authenticity. If you go maybe into the town of Quepos, and find a good soda place, it’s $7 for the basic meal. And then if you want to order a smoothie, it’s another $5. That might not sound like a lot of money, but $5 for a smoothie in Costa Rica is a lot.

In Costa Rica, the meal that they offer usually comes with a free smoothie. So this is just my advice, but I did end up eating food there. It was plain, but it was good. You can’t really mess up beans and rice and eggs in that respect, but it is a fascinating tour.


If you do have that half a day in your schedule, I definitely recommend visiting it. If you only have one or two days in Manuel Antonio, this is definitely not something that you want to do. You definitely want to go and see Manuel Antonio National Park. That is the main park. I have an entire episode about Manuel Antonio National Park, so make sure that you go and listen to that episode. And if you guys have any other cool things that you’ve done when you visited Manuel Antonio, please let me know.

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Last Updated on September 30, 2023

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