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Quick Travel Guide to Discover Berlin

The beautiful combination of glamour, heritage, and vibrant cosmopolitan culture that makes up Berlin is what makes it such a captivating city, and a highly popular one with travelers. Complete with vibrant nightlife, incredible architecture, and food that is to die for, this is a city like no other.Everything you need to know about Berlin during your visit to Germany.Take a look at this article to learn about how to discover Berlin.

As one of Europe’s largest capital cities, Berlin has plenty to offer any visitor, which is why each year, tens of thousands of people flock here. Everything you need to know about Berlin during your visit to Germany.

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Discover Berlin

Being such a popular city, and a sizeable one, Berlin can be somewhat confusing to navigate around. It’s one of those places that has so much to see and do that planning a trip can be a little daunting. However, if you take the time to plan your trip and do your research, looking into the city itself and what it has to offer, you can ensure that your time here is as enjoyable and free from stress as possible.

Below, we share some useful travel tips for getting around Berlin and making the most of your time in this incredible city.

How to reach the city center from the airport

If you are planning on flying into Berlin, then the chances are that you want to know how to reach the city center from the airport. There are two main international airports in Berlin, are Schönefeld and Tegel, and the chances are that you will fly into one of them. When it comes to getting from the airport to the city center, the route that you take will depend on which airport you fly into.

Discover Berlin

Schönefeld is located on the Southeastern end of Berlin, while Tegel is situated in the Northwest. From Schönefeld there are many ways to reach the city center, including taking an express train which runs every 30 minutes. Another option that is ideal for getting from either airport could be to book a private transfer; Berlin airport transfers are comfortable and mean less hassle, as you can book them for a time that suits you. Or you could take the Berlin metro or the bus, again for reaching from the city center from either airport.

Top things to see and do

The city has a lot to offer in terms of sights and Berlin tourist attractions if anything it almost has too much. While it is impossible to see and do everything in one trip, you can fit lots of different activities in, if you plan in advance, that is. To make getting around easier, you could opt to use a Berlin taxi service, or you could look at the public transport options. Another option could be cycling – Berlin is a city that is very cyclist-friendly, which is why cycling is one of the most popular ways to explore this dynamic place.

One of the best ways to discover Berlin is to take part in a tour of the city, as that way you will get a chance to see all of the most iconic landmarks. From bus tours and walking tours to bike tours and Segway tours, Berlin has a city tour that is ideal for every visitor. There are tours that focus on the city itself, while others focus on its history or architecture.

For anyone with a love of history and culture, the Berlin Wall is a must-see, as in the Berlin Cathedral, and the Reichstag Building.

For a fun, family day out, the Berlin Zoological Gardens is a must visit. The oldest and most well-known zoo in Germany, Berlin Zoo is home to an incredible range of animals and experiences, making it the perfect location for a fun-filled day out.

The Eastside Gallery, Neues Museum, and Bode Museum also all make great days out. Each of these galleries/museums boasts a very different experience to the next, and one that should be highly memorable.

Tiergarten, known as Berlin’s ‘Central Park’ is a great place for a stroll and a picnic on a warm day. Home to the Berlin Zoo, this park is massive in size and boasts plenty of green space plus a lake and a popular cafe.

Then there is the city’s most beautiful bridge, Oberbaumbrucke, that boasts some incredible views of the city. Considered one of the city’s best landmarks, this double-decker bridge is a sight that you don’t want to miss.

The Bioriental Market, known as Berlin’s Bazar, is also somewhere that is worth a visit as you can find some real gems here. From spices, vegetables, and food stalls to fashion, jewelry, and antiques, this market is the perfect place to mooch around. Love markets? Then you may also enjoy visiting the flea market at Mauerpark or Nowkoelln Flowmarkt.

For anyone with a passion for nature or gardening, the Garten der Welt is the ideal place to spend an afternoon exploring. This unexpected oasis in the heart of the city contains several small themed areas, including a Japanese and an Oriental garden. During the summer, the area is transformed into a space for outdoor concerts and festivals.

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Best places to drink and dine

One thing that the city of Berlin is famous for is its food, from its massive pretzels to its incredible range of beers, this city is a foodie’s dream. There are a lot of incredible dishes on offer in Berlin, but the question is what foods are the best ones to eat, and where are the best places to eat them?

When you think of Berlin, do you think of curry or chili? No, well you aren’t alone. However, Curry wurst in Berlin serves some incredible curry and chili dishes, so if you are a fan of spicy foods, this is one restaurant that you don’t want to miss.

Are you a big fan of kebabs? If the answer is yes, Mustafa’s Gemuse Kebab is one place that you have to eat from. There’s a rumor that this eatery sells the world’s very best kebabs, so they probably aren’t something that you want to miss out on.

When you think of Germany, you most probably think of hot dogs, right? Well, Berlin has their own version of this, known as the Bockwurst. One of the best places to get this is from street stalls, like Curry 36, for instance.

Ever heard of Senfeier? This is a traditional German dish that is simple but delicious. This combination of hard-boiled eggs, mustard sauce, mashed potatoes, and spinach is a dish that most Germans will remember from their childhoods. It’s a delicacy and something that you can’t visit Germany without trying. The best place to get it from is Kantine.

One of Germany’s most iconic dishes is Eisbein, a boiled knuckle of pork. Pork is a popular food in Germany and one of the staple meats used in cooking, from curries to sausages, pork is big in Berlin. However, if there is one pork dish that you have to try, it’s Eisbein, a pork knuckle. The best place to try it is at Zur Letzten Instanz, the city’s oldest restaurant, which opened in the 1600s. That means it’s over 350 years old – that’s one old restaurant.

Berlin is an incredible city, and somewhere that is worth exploring. With so much to offer, from a range of unique sights and attractions to a selection of incredible restaurants, if anything there is too much to see and do here. That’s why planning your itinerary in advance is so important, to ensure that you are able to make the most of your time in this amazing city.

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