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A Quick Moving Out Checklist for When You Decide to Leave the Nest

Moving has always been a very hectic and stressful event and almost all of us have to face this at least once in a lifetime. We need to concentrate on the minute tasks included in the process of moving and also have to stay alert about the budget. Moving Out Checklist that will allow you to have a much more relaxed experience when going to a new house. Look at this Moving Out Checklist.

Along with all the social, mental, and psychological transitions, moving makes a big hole in your pocket so it is a financially draining process too. But if planned properly and managed skillfully then you can make moving a better experience. We are providing you with the best moving out checklist below that will help you in making the smoothest mover ever.

Moving Out Checklist

Just follow the points and tips given below and enjoy your new phase of life. In place of being overwhelmed, you will be happily entering into the new and successful life ahead. The most important thing while planning a move is to plan early. It is advisable to start planning and working upon your move as soon as you decide to move.

Create a To-do List 

You must know what all moving tasks you have to do and the timeline to complete those tasks. You can create a folder digitally either on your Google Drive or Dropbox. It will be wise to take pictures of all your receipts, records, and quotations related to your moving and save these in the moving folder. It is not easy to remember and recall every detail and this will mess up the things on the final day.

Contact More than One Moving Companies for In-Home Estimate

Don’t settle with the first moving company that you come across, search some more reliable companies and call them for an in-home tour for realistic quotations. Get estimates on your moving quotes from at least three companies to avail the best price and needed services. Make sure that the moving company selected by you is properly licensed and insured to keep yourself safe from any moving scams.

Make a Moving Budget

This is one of the most important points to keep in mind that before starting the moving process, you know your moving budget. Making a budget will enable you to control your expenses accordingly. Check out moving companies Marietta Ga for good rates.

Make an Inventory

Make an inventory of all your belongings including valuables and documents. Start sorting things at least four weeks before your move. Plan a garage sale and get rid of the stuff that you haven’t used in a while and things that you are keeping for years for their emotional value. Take pictures of such things for memories and let someone else use them. This will not only save money as movers will charge less for less weight but will also save a lot of effort and energy.

Find a School for Your Children

Look for a good school for your children near your new house well before time so that they can start their routine at the earliest after your move. This will help them in settling at the new place easily and early. Collect all the required school documents from the previous school of your kids before moving.

So, whether you’re looking to move to the hustle and bustle of New York City’s Upper West Side, or somewhere a little quieter, just follow the points and tips given below and enjoy this new chapter of your life. Instead of being overwhelmed, you will be entering this new and successful time in your life with a smile on your face. The most important thing while planning a move is to plan early. It is advisable to start planning and working upon your move as soon as you decide to move.

Inform Your Work Place about Your Move

Make sure you inform your workplace about your upcoming move. You will need a day or two off from your work and also when they will know about the move, they may give you some relaxation to adjust to the new place.  

Fix a Date to Stop and Start Utilities

Make sure you have informed your utility providers about your move and transfer of utility connection in case of a local move or disconnection of services in case of an interstate move. Fix a date two days after your move for disconnection and get your new connection two days before your move to stay on the safer side.

Measure Everything 

The most common problem that people face at the time of moving is not getting enough space to move-in their stuff. It is always a good idea to measure all your furniture items and other big stuff. Make sure you measure all the stairways, lift doors, and doors at your new house for a smooth and safe movement of your valuable furniture items.

Make a Visit at Your New Home before the Move

It is wise to go and visit your new home a few days before your move. Get it cleaned thoroughly and check if it needs any repairs. Call in your utility providers and confirm connections. Meet your neighbors and inform them about your coming. It is always better to hang your window curtains a day before you move especially, in case of a local move.

Stay Calm

Staying calm is the mantra for success in any kind of work and moving is no exception. Accept that moving is a tiring and daunting process and be ready to work hard on a moving day. Do things as planned and call your family and friends for help especially if you are planning a DIY move. Even if you have hired a full service moving company, you will need your favorite people to stay calm.

This is the ultimate checklist you need when moving out of the house. Make sure you follow all the tips and suggestions mentioned above and have an amazing transition experience in your life.

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