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Questions You May Have About Fixed Rate Jet Charter Programs

Once you’re done with the planning and got your flight plan, fuel plan, and crew plan ready, all you need is an aircraft. But how do you choose the right one?Fixed-rate jet charter programs can be beneficial if you need to book early or book last minute.Read on top questions about these programs.

Whether you’re a small business owner or an individual, the cost is valuable when choosing jet charters. Fixed-rate jet charter programs can be beneficial if you need to book early or book last minute. Read on for some of the top questions people ask about these programs.

Fixed Rate Jet Charter Programs

How Does a Jet Charter Program Work?

A jet charter program is an arrangement by which an individual or company can rent the use of an aircraft on either an hourly or block-hourly basis. The contract can be one time for as long as you need it, or for whatever you decide. An hour is for as long as you need it, whereas block hours are pre-arranged periods over which you have exclusive access to the aircraft.

Should You Use Jet Charters

Whether you are an individual, company, or organization that requires exclusive use of an aircraft for business or leisure purposes, you may be interested in jet charters. There are many different reasons why individuals, companies, and organizations would require exclusive use of an aircraft for business purposes. 

One example is producing a video with top-level actors and transporting them to various locations to achieve high production values.

What Are The Benefits Associated With Fixed Rate Jet Charters?

  • Fixed-rate jet charters are priced based on hourly rates, whereas variable rate jet charters are usually priced by distance, duration, and number of passengers.
  • The price per hour is often more affordable with fixed-rate jet charter programs than with variable rate programs.
  • You will not need to negotiate rates or worry about fuel prices when you sign up for fixed-rate plans.

How To Pick The Best Fixed Rate Program?

There are three main points to consider when trying to pick which fixed-rate jet charter program is best for you, which includes but are not limited to;

Plane Size 

If you only need one or two seats on your plane, some companies offer single-engine planes, turboprops, and corporate jets. There are regional jet charters and airliners if you need more than five seats but less than 20.


If you need something good for business meetings, you might want to pick an aircraft with more space and comfort. If you’re on vacation, then it may not matter what type of plane you get if it has enough room for everyone.


For people who have enough money, there are private jets available. Once you figure out what type of aircraft is best for your needs, you can find out if it is part of any fixed-rate programs.

Jet Card vs. Charter Program

Jet cards are typically purchased for one-time or occasional use, while fixed-rate jet charters allow you to pay for unlimited annual jet use. However, some companies offer both options: endless annual flights on private jets and luxury air travel. It allows customers to customize their rates depending on their needs.

How to know if the quoted price by the fixed-rate jet charter provider is fair and competitive?

Fixed-rate jet charter providers will have pricing set on their website. If you are concerned if they are competitive, research the competitive prices for various jet charter programs. It can include checking with other providers to compare rates and services and calling them to confirm that their quoted price is accurate.

Pro Tips to Get The Best Price

  • Find out if the quoted price includes fuel and airport fees
  • Get to know whether pricing is all-inclusive and transparent
  • Choose the provider promising to offer the lowest overall cost
  • Compare the services provided by carriers, plan your trip and decide

How Will You Get Your Money Back If The Flight Is Delayed?

If your flight gets delayed, you will receive a full refund for any unused funds. It also applies to cancellations due to inclement weather. Other arrangements may include rebates based on various conditions, such as when delays are due to reasons beyond airline control.

Speak with your agent about which type of plan would work best for you and what specific information is needed about your travel plans. This way, they can ensure your needs are met.

What Are Your Cancellation Policies?

It is possible to cancel your jet charter booking up to 24 hours before departure. If you cancel between 15-24 hours before departure, you may be charged 25% of your fare or 50% if you cancel less than 15 hours before departure, though it may vary career-to-career. Typically, passengers who do not show up for their flight are not eligible to receive any refunds.

Final Thoughts

In general, fixed-rate jet charters are an excellent choice for less frequent travelers. It takes all the guesswork out of having to put deposits down and plan. On top of that, fixed rates are usually cheaper than chartering on an ad hoc basis.

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