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Qubo Antigua: Bouldering Gym in Antigua, Guatemala

three teens climbing a board in a bouldering gym in antigua guatemala

The most popular gym in Antigua is called Qubo Antigua. It is a bouldering gym, and what makes this gym so special? First, it’s pretty small but bouldering gyms usually are small, it has all the facilities that you possibly need, the campus board, the tension board, and amazing different bouldering projects of all levels. Today we’re gonna be talking about Qubo Antigua, a climbing gym in Guatemala.

Qubo Antigua Climbing Gym

The biggest draw about Qubo Antigua is the community, it makes this place a true haven for climbers.

This is our home gym. This is where my family pretty much lives literally 4-5 days out of the week, and it is this amazing community and there are people that come and travel from all over the world that ends up in Qubo especially if they are climbers because this is a great place to meet other climbers and to go traveling to go climbing to the nearby rock which is in Amatitlan or even to do a trip to Xela.

bouldering board and a guy climbing at qubo antigua in guatemala


 The facilities are fantastic. Well taken care of, you could rent shoes, they’re a day pass costs like three or $4. You could also do a week, or you could do a 10-day pass, you could do many options.


The people there are so supportive, they also offer classes. So it’s the place to visit when you want to do anything with climbing or if you have kids and they don’t know what to do. This is a great place to come and visit.

They also have kids classes, and you can meet other climbers and hang out I have seen so many friendships and so many connections being made just from hanging out there that makes your stay and antique with that much more special, especially if you are a climber.

a guy on the top of a bouldering board in quboantigua guatemala

Is it safe?

However, Qubo is definitely the hub that you want to visit when you are staying in Antigua Guatemala. First, if you have an interest in climbing, you will end up there. It is safe. It is one of the best places to visit.

guy hanging from a climbing board at quboantigua in guatemala

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Last Updated on August 17, 2023

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