The Top 8 Qualities Of An Effective Travel Vlog

There are many forms of recording travel videos. Some people choose the talk and walk style while others prefer fast-cut, cinematic, or other forms of shooting. Therefore, before you start shooting, choose the form that you prefer. However, the purpose of your travel videos should be clear.If you are looking to build an Effective Travel Vlog you will want to take a look at this list of eight of the best tips.

To find the purpose, you should know who your audience is, and the emotions that you wish to evoke. As advised by the professionals at https://www.looxcie.com//, knowing the purpose of your travel videos will help you in choosing the form in which you will shoot them. This will not only guarantee engaging content for your audience but will also improve your vlog’s credibility. 

8 qualities of an effective travel vlog

Qualities Of An Effective Travel Vlog


Desist from filming all your trip experiences. Even though it is understandable that you want to capture every moment, such as the food you are eating, the place you are staying or even the plane is flying in, among others, it is not necessary. At the end of your trip, you may end up having many videos that you do not need.

Although such videos are not bad as they may have captured the moment, they should not get included in your vlog. When you are filming everything, it is hard to really live the moment as most of your attention is on the camera. Create some time and decide on the type of videos that you want to record while traveling. Doing so saves you time and will allow you to truly live every moment of your travel.


When filming, ensure that your vlogs get centered on something. Decide on an activity or a place to put your focus on. There are tons of ways to do this. You can decide to chronologically do it. However, when you focus your videos on an activity or place, it becomes more interesting than filming the whole day. Make a video of a place that you spent some time in and found interesting. Similarly, if you loved the food in the country, consider shooting a video on food review.


When you want many people to watch your travel videos without getting bored, keep them to a maximum of three minutes. When you record a long video, people lose interest.

Additionally, all the segments that involve talking should not take longer than 30 seconds. Most people are impatient and are quick to go to the next video if yours is too long and does not spark their interest. When recording, keep in mind that you need shorter videos; thus, you will capture only what is of importance. When the trip ends, most of your videos should be between 3-7 minutes to save time when compiling.


Avoid being wary of making many appearances in your travel videos. Even if you are camera shy when around people, try as much as you can to appear more. The vlog is yours, and you are its backbone. Therefore, ensure that you talk more to the camera while giving all your perspective of the trip in the video. When shy, pretend that you are talking to your good friend who is in the camera. Doing so makes you smile naturally, and everything that you do in front of the camera will come out naturally.


Ensure that your vlog has captured other people. Doing so makes your vlog to be a lot more interesting. In the vlog, engage any local people that you find or the people that you have traveled with. You can ask a question and let them respond. Avoid just pointing the camera at your companions who will just pose or wave at the camera. Doing so adds personality and flavor to the vlog.

Effective Travel Vlog

Point of View

When filming, let everything come from your view. Let the vlog stand out from the normal videos. Let its focus be on you and bring out your personality. Add flavor by including videos that bring out your point of view. When you do so, your audience will feel engaged and part of the video.


Ensure that the vlog has a clip that establishes where and what you will be doing. The audience should know the place where you are shooting. Most of the people forget to establish their location and focus more on what they are doing and the people that they are with. When you give an overview, your video will look professional and attractive.


When filming, let your videos be steady. Avoid shaky videos. When your videos are shaky, many people will not watch them for longer and it will put them off. Walk slower and steady your camera to minimize the shakiness. 

Before anything, watch other vlogs and learn more from those videos. Learning is essential but practicing religiously is key. Try to take videos as often as you can, keep learning new techniques, and you will gradually get better. Ensure precision whenever you take your videos, only film what is necessary, and be as engaging as you can be, not only to your audience but to locals and tour guides of wherever you may be. 

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Last Updated on June 5, 2023

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