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Qualities that Make an Ordinary Tour Guide an Extra Ordinary

A tourism business is not a game that you play with products but people. So, if you want to win the game then you must have pro players by your side. Having people with idealistic looks and inspirational speech by your side in the business of tourism can have inevitable effects.Seven tips that will take you from an ordinary tour guide to an extra one that al clients will want to work with.Look at this tour guide.

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How to Be an Extraordinary Tour Guide

Charismatic Traits that a Tour Guide Must Have

A tour guide is a person who can turn a boring tour into the best experience of the client. All the places have hundreds and thousands of sides, a smart guide will find out those facts on top which the tourists will be interested in. Being a tour guide seems to be a piece of cake. But it is not as simple as it seems to be if you want to be the best in the field. By inculcating the following traits in your style, you can be the best tour guide ever,

High Communication Skills

It is a trait of the leaders and victors of the business field. Having good communication skills is not less than an asset. If you are a quiet person then it may not be a job for you. A tour guide will need to communicate a lot with the visitors and he must do it in a commendable manner. While addressing the tourists, you must make sure that the volume and clarity of your voice are perfect. Way too loud or too gentle speakers are not liked.

Making the Crowd Comfortable

Tourists are the icebreakers of the gathering. They do not hesitate about starting the conversation and making the next person at ease. In this professional, you will be meeting a new crowd of strangers of diverse personalities. Neither they know you nor do you know them. And under such a condition, a very uncomfortable and awkward situation sets up which is undesirable. An ideal tour guide clears the air and makes everyone comfortable as soon as possible to ensure that they talk to you with ease.

Improvisational & Management Skills      

It is true that most of almost all the tour guides ready a script for the tour. But it does not mean that they should make it so rigid and tight that they get confused or get lost in a loop in case of some unexpected events.

Such an unexpected event may include a change of plan or route, or popping up of a question by attendees which you do not know the answer to, and so on. Nobody expects you to know everything and people are there to enjoy, not to have a boring history lecture. Making sure that the door to make a conversation with you by the attendees is wide open.  


If the tour guide will show excitement and enthusiasm then it will boost up the energy of the crowd too. Playing with the energy level of the tourists and keeping their power level high is the first and foremost duty of the guide. It is the first tip that even successful travel bloggers give to freshers to ensure that their enthusiasm should be felt by the viewers.  But one of the most common mistakes is that guides overdo it so much that it starts to look fake and consequently they start to look like an undesirable amateur.

Good Sense of Humor

It is a common fact that people like to surround themselves with positive energy. We like to meet those people more who are smiling, happy, and crack jokes. Your brain is modified to get attracted to the things which make you feel good. An amazing tour guide is one who has a high sense of humor.

Making frequent but polite jokes throughout the tour will help you engage the attendees and have their attention too. But again making way too personal comments on attendees for the sake of humor may prove to be the biggest mistake that a guide can make.   


A tour guide must look like a guide. He must be well-groomed, well dressed, and have his tour guide card hanging around his neck through the lanyard customized. This customized lanyard by 4inlanyards will introduce you even before you it yourself. Moreover, the guide should have complete knowledge about the place, should have directions on fingertips, and genuine passion for the place he is giving a tour of.   

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