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What to Put Pack on an Outdoor Backpack?

There’s nothing more exciting than having a break from everyday life and heading off to the great outdoors. It’s a great opportunity to get close to nature and experience new sights and sounds. It’s really fun when several people go together, creating shared memories. It’s really exhilarating when one camps outdoors, but this does mean that there won’t be all the usual luxuries of staying in a hotel. 

What to Put Pack on an Outdoor Backpack?

As a result, it’s even more important than usual to pack the right things – and that’s what this article is all about. 

Top 6 Things to Pack on an Outdoor Backpack?

Key survival items

When some things are packed they can literally be a life-saver. When reading up on survival skills, it was helpful to discover that the experts produce checklists for emergency first aid items. Other things were also discussed, such as why people should consider emergency food storage and the value of multi-tool knives. The latter often contain such things as can and bottle openers and even nail files and writing pens. 

Every traveler needs to pack medical equipment, ranging from their prescription items to allergy tablets and bite cream. Other contingency events to cover are the need for rehydration tablets, malaria pills, diarrhea tablets or plasters, and bandages. There’s also paracetamol and antiseptic cream to seriously think about taking. 

Other related items to bring could be eye masks, earplugs, sunglasses, and sunscreen. An emergency whistle is a lightweight item that can serve to warn fellow team members or seek help from others. One never knows what’s prowling around at night, so this could be a real benefit. 


It’s important to research the climate of where one is going, but as a general rule, something should always be included to cover wet weather. Waterproof clothing is usually light and highly portable. This break may not be like a normal holiday where one uses one clothing item per day. If there’s rain, mud, and dirt there may be the need for several spare changes of clothing. 

Walking shoes should be of good quality as they will be put through their paces literally, and you want to protect your feet. If there will be a chance of swimming, appropriate swimwear, towels, and also flip flops should be included. Other considerations might be money belts to protect against thieves, and a hat to protect against the sun.

Food and drink

What to Put Pack on an Outdoor Backpack?

Traveling light obviously has its benefits, so only essential food should be carried. If it will be easily available at each camping destination, simply bring snacks for the journey. Items like cake and nut bars or biscuits are useful here, as they keep a long time and are generally resilient to the heat. 

A water bottle is an absolute must. Not only will it supply much-needed drinks for the journey, but it can save money at the destination as well.


As with all holidays, one will never get far if the passport or visa has been forgotten. Other paperwork related to the destination should be readily accessible, plus currency for the country. If there are local banks, a credit card may enable one to withdraw smaller amounts of foreign currency whenever it is required. Travel insurance documents hopefully won’t be needed, but they must be with you. Some countries will not let people enter without an immunization certificate, so this is something that should be researched well in advance. 

Bedding and toiletries

When camping, a sleeping bag and liner will be needed together with a camping pillow. All the usual toiletries must be packed, including shaving equipment, hair products, soaps, and toothbrushes and toothpaste. Antibacterial gel or wipes are extremely useful on a daily basis, as one never knows what one will be touching. Eating snacks on the move or after using a toilet further reinforces this need. Speaking of which, never assume there will be toilet paper to hand. Not every country supplies them in the toilet, and there’s always the chance it will have run out. 

Electrical items

It’s better to read an e-book on one’s phone than carry bulky books around. (Having said that, a phrasebook or travel guide and map may be needed). If a phone or camera is coming on the journey, chargers have to be remembered. Travel adaptors are also important as your charger may be useless in a different country without one. Don’t worry, they can usually be found in most shops, wherever you travel.

It’s really important to use a quality backpack and to have it securely worn, to avoid having back pain. Read up on the items you’ll need for the destination, and stock up on survival items and clothes. Food, drink, and paperwork must be a part of your armory together with your bedding, toiletries, and electrical items. When everything is ready, there’s nothing left for you except to have an exciting time with family or friends.

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