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Puglia wineries: The DOC wines of Puglia

A trip to Apulia is an opportunity not only to visit one of the most beautiful regions of Italy but also to taste the excellent products of Puglia wineries. In fact, in Apulia, over 25 DOC wines are produced and they represent the result of the quality work and attention of generations and generations of farmers. Today, Puglia wineries and Apulian wines are appreciated and enjoyed all over the world and are a symbol and a source of great pride for the producers and for the region in general.Most amazing Puglia wineries from Italy that you can go on a tour to.Learn all about the Best Puglia wineries during Italy travel.

Puglia wineries

One of the most appreciated wines is the Cacc’è mmitte di Lucer. The grapes that make up this excellent wine come from the ancient municipalities of Lucera, Biccari, and Troia. This ruby-red wine has an intense aroma and is perfect to accompany traditional pasta dishes with homemade pasta seasoned with lamb ragù. Moreover, you can also enjoy this sweet wine with the tasty Apulian desserts made with almond paste and vin cotto. This wine, with its bright red color and purple reflections, is also perfect to be enjoyed at the end of a meal.

From the Puglia wineries of Galatina and Alezio, come the grapes that create Alezio: A red wine with a warm and dry taste. It is the perfect match for roast meat and Salento kid. In addition to red, this wine also has a rosé version, which is consumed especially at Easter when salami, offal, and eggs are served on the Apulian tables.

At the majestic Aragonese castle of Brindisi, you can taste a local red and rosé wine. The red wine of Brindisi has an intense ruby ​​color, a velvety taste with a bitter aftertaste that goes perfectly with the traditional hard wheat semolina bread and salty cheeses typical of the Apulian countryside.

One of the most special wines is definitely that of Castel del Monte, obtained from nine different grape varieties and produced in the Puglia wineries of a wild and magical area, including the municipalities of Andria, Trani, Corato, Bitonto, Toritto, Ruvo, Terlizzi, Bitonto, and Palo del Colle. This wine can be taste with the typical dish made with potatoes, rice, and mussels, but also with the tasty first courses typical of this region, such as homemade pasta.

If you prefer more the vegetarian side of foods and want to taste the vegetables that grow in this region drinking the proper wine, the best choice is definitely Galatina Chardonnay, with a dry and delicate taste. This wine can also accompany fresh and soft cheeses made with the excellent extra virgin olive oil from Puglia.

But wine in Apulia is not only used to accompany tasty dishes or to be drunk admiring the fabulous landscape, but it is also used for wellness purposes. Yes, you have understood it well: Wine has now officially entered the SPAs thanks to wine therapy. This type of wellness treatment helps to regenerate the skin and giving a fresh and youthful look. Of course, visit in Puglia, you can find a lot of wellness centers that offer wine therapy sessions. Puglia is, therefore, the perfect place to enjoy wine in all its usages.

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