Pub Crawl Themes: Tips and Tricks for a Night to Remember

My first experience with a pub crawl was a night I’ll never forget. I had heard about the tradition of visiting multiple pubs in a single evening, but I had never taken part in one. When a group of friends suggested we plan one, I was excited to see what it was all about.

As we made our way from bar to bar, trying new drinks and meeting new people, I quickly realised how much fun a pub crawl could be. Since that first experience, I’ve always had a love for planning pub crawls, whether it’s with a group of old friends or a chance to make new ones.

I find it an exciting and unique way to explore new bars and drinks and bond with friends.

The pub crawl is a beloved tradition for many, but it can become monotonous if done repeatedly. To ensure the best pub crawl experience, it’s essential to put in the effort to make it more interesting. Here are some tips and tricks to elevate your pub crawl and make it a night to remember.

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Before planning a pub crawl, it’s crucial to consider the following:

Choose your friends wisely: Gather a group of friends who know each other well to keep the pace of the night going and foster deeper connections.

Choose a destination: Select a location that is close by and relatively easy to get to, so you won’t be wandering aimlessly all night.

Transportation: Ensure that everyone has a transportation plan or enough money for taxis or ride-sharing services. Additionally, establish a meeting spot after the crawl concludes, or plan for how long the crawl will last.

Find the right bar: The first step to a great pub crawl is finding the perfect bar. Choose a spot that is near your destination, open, and welcoming, with a good selection of drinks. If you’re travelling with friends, try to find a bar that caters to everyone’s tastes.

Organise drinking games: A fun way to get everyone involved in the night is by organizing games such as “who can drink the most” or “who can finish an entire glass of wine.” These games create a friendly, competitive atmosphere while still allowing everyone to have a good time.

Pub Crawl Themes

To add an extra layer of excitement to your pub crawl, consider incorporating a pub crawl theme. Here are some ideas to inspire you:

Game-based theme: If you’re looking for a more subdued theme, consider a game-based pub crawl. This theme is perfect for bonding with friends over a few beers and games of darts or pool.

Fancy dress theme: For those who love to dress up and play dress-up, a fancy dress pub crawl theme is a perfect choice. Encourage your friends to wear anything from wizard costumes to superhero costumes, and bring masks for added fun.

TV show theme: If there’s a particular show that you and your friends love, make it the theme of your pub crawl. Watch an episode together before heading out, and wear costumes or gear related to the show for added immersion.

Full moon appearance theme: A full moon appearance is a common occurrence in many parts of the world, so why not celebrate it with a pub crawl? Plan your crawl to coincide with a full moon, and consider wearing comfortable clothing as opposed to formal attire.

Black and white theme: A black and white theme is an easy and straightforward way to make your pub crawl more interesting. Encourage everyone to wear black and white, and center the theme around something black and white. For example, everyone could wear black with white shoes, or you could all wear all black.

In addition to these themes, consider mixing up the types of bars you visit. Instead of sticking to traditional pubs, visit a rooftop bar, speakeasy, or brewpub for a change of pace.

Incorporating food into the crawl by stopping at a restaurant or food truck is also a great way to keep energy levels high and provide a different experience.

Another way to make your pub crawl more exciting is by turning it into a competition. Divide the group into teams and give each team a list of challenges to complete throughout the night, such as taking a photo with a stranger, singing karaoke, or completing other fun tasks.

The team that completes the most challenges or earns the most points wins a prize, adding an extra layer of excitement to the crawl.

Finally, consider creating a personalized pub crawl map for your group. This can include information about the bars you’ll be visiting, drink specials, and any other relevant information to help guide your crawl. It’s a fun way to make your pub crawl more organized and memorable.

By considering these tips and incorporating them into your pub crawl planning, you’ll be sure to create an exciting and unique experience for you and your friends. Whether you’re a seasoned pub crawl veteran or new to the tradition, these ideas will help make your crawl stand out and be a night to remember.

Last Updated on October 20, 2023

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