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Proven Tips to Buy The Right Mattress for Your RV

There are millions of Americans who own recreational vehicles (RVs) and boats. It is totally fine to live in one permanently but there are some potential problems that come along with this lifestyle. The upholstery might become shabby over time or if you don’t properly maintain it, make everything inside useless. Especially bad for RV beds, because people typically spend the most amount of time sleeping on them when compared to anything else inside an RV or boat.

If you’re looking to replace yours, it is advisable that you invest in a durable custom RV mattress. These are stronger and will fit better than others- but there are a few tips and tricks that might help get the perfect one for your needs.

The following points can nudge you in the right direction, helping you determine the most critical aspects to focus on.

Measure your mattress

Measuring your mattress is paramount, as you will need to know the length, thickness, and width of each side of your bed before you buy a new mattress for your RV. An excellent place to begin is with a tape measure, although some brands also have free online tools for calculating dimensions.

Consider if you plan on adding an extra layer between yourself and the flooring (like an air mattress) or if other things could alter how much space is available underneath your current set-up (think of furniture). If yes, take measurements beforehand so they can be accounted for when shopping around for a new bedding set-up.

Choose the material wisely

Cotton is the most economically viable material for RV mattresses, and it can range from firm to soft, but it is less durable than other materials. Memory foam is arguably the most comfortable and durable option available, but it can be costlier than other materials like cotton.

Finally, natural latex is an alternative to memory foam that offers similar comfort levels with an eco-friendly feel in the RV industry.

Note the size of your RV

When buying a mattress for your RV, it is vital to consider its size and the bedding you will be using. You want to avoid purchasing a mattress too small for your sleeping area, which can cause discomfort and even back pain.

Consider whether or not you have bunk beds in your camper. If so, ensure that any new mattresses fit over or under these bunks without causing problems or difficulties when getting in and out of them.

Consider custom mattress services

While there are benefits to buying a readily available mattress, it is vital to consider that not every person wants this type of bedding. Even if you only need one size, choosing a reliable provider of high-quality custom RV mattresses is better than buying a pre-made one that may or may not fit the bed correctly.

You can order specific designs, styles, colors, and other features when investing in customized products, like a larger, more durable mattress that can handle more weight than usual when you have extra guests in your RV. Ideally, a good company will custom-fit the mattress or replace it and offer upholstery services.

You can first check the company’s reputation and customer service before making any purchase so that they are able to assist you when problems arise. You should also ask for a free quote in order to see if it would be economically feasible to make this purchase.

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