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How to Protect Sensitive, Confidential, Private Data

Downloading personal apps using mobile phones is increasingly becoming popular. It’s not only convenient but also cost-effective. Apps give you access to an array of content in a cost-effective manner. Even more, if you are working remotely, you can share, receive, and download files via apps. However, this comes with a serious security challenge—a data breach. Hackers are waiting to make their moves and steal sensitive and important company information. They can then use this information to bring your company down. Is this what you want? Probably, no. Then protect your sensitive data. Here are practical steps you can take to protect valuable, personal, and sensitive information from getting into the wrong hands.

How to Protect Sensitive, Confidential, Private Data

Secure all Your Mobile Devices Physically

Workplaces are naturally insecure spaces. Thus, it’s easy to lose your important gadgets—which may contain sensitive information. So, the best way to safeguard your information is to secure your gadgets physically. Put your documents in a locker. Securing your documents, eliminates the chances of accidental damage, information loss, etc. Design a secure location where you can keep all your belongings. Remember, not all people in your company have good intentions.

Screen Access Control

Access to the screen is another key area you should look at. Thus, don’t allow anybody to access your screen. Lock it. Also, when working, don’t allow people to view the contents of your screen. Put in place effective access control measures. Have a strong password. You can also have two-way authentication procedures. It will deter bad people from accessing your information.

Also, choose a hard to crack pin code. Do the same to passwords. Learn how to create a strong password. Normally, a strong password should have characters, letters, numbers, etc.

Also, you can choose graphic locks to control screen access. Here, you have a lot of options. From patters to pressing certain hot spots, graphical lock screens can help you control access to your screen. 

Similarly, you can turn to biometrics to control screen access. With biometrics, you have a powerful way of protecting your sensitive information. This is because the screen can only be accessed by authorized people.


Another great way to protect your information is through protection. For instance, you can invest in malware protection as well as security controls to protect your mobile device from attacks. These types of protection will offer you maximum protection and help promote information flow. Modern devices are equipped with configurable security tools. So, make use of these tools to protect your personal data.

Data Unreadable

Encryption will help you protect your sensitive information. It makes your private information unreadable to third parties. Any device can be encrypted. From laptops to desktops, you can encrypt any electronic device and protect your data.

Use a VPN

When accessing any information online, ensure you do it via a dependable VPN. A VPN makes your online activity private. Thus, people will find it difficult to track all your online activities. Plus, if you are living in countries like Indonesia, you will access all American Netflix content. Learn how to watch American Netflix in Russia here.

Other Tips

Other beneficial tips for protecting your data include:

  • Limiting your broadcast capability
  • Staying alert on Wi-Fi
  • learning about phishing
  • Taking great caution when downloading

The Bottom-Line

It’s no secret that the internet and wireless-based communications are shaping human life.  Nowadays, you have access to numerous types of data. For instance, it’s easy to transfer, analyze, and receive metadata. However, there are real risks in the sharing of information online. Your sensitive information can be stolen. So, don’t wait until hackers bring you to your knees to act. Don’t allow scammers to access your sensitive company information. You can protect your data. With the above practical tips, you can protect all sensitive information from getting into the wrong hands.

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