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Protect Important Files When you Travel for Free

How many emotions go through you when you’re packing for a new trip? It is a lot, right?How you can Protect Important Files When you Travel and for free.Take a look at this short article to learn Travel Safety Tips.

You’re eager to bring back the best of memories, to take photos and to enjoy exploring a new destination. But you must also consider worst-case scenarios, especially if you are traveling with your electronics.

You will discover that there are a lot of people who want to get into your computer and accounts to get your information. There’s a security tool called NordLocker that will help you with security during your travels. It’s free to use, so you can download it without risk.

How much data do you travel with?

Protect Important Files When you Travel

In these modern days, chances are that you’ll be traveling with a thumb drive, portable HDD, a camera, a smartwatch, a tablet, and a smartphone. You may even bring your laptop. And that’s a lot of data. Can you imagine losing it? Or worse, someone else getting access to it?

That’s why as soon as you’re done packing, you should also consider protecting your data. One of the easiest ways to do that is to encrypt your data using software like NordLocker. You can protect files and folders regardless of their size. And once they are encrypted, you can upload your files to the cloud for easy sharing or transfer them to any removable media. GoAnywhere cloud file transfers is a secure managed file transfer that automates, encrypts, and streamlines cloud file transfers.

The best thing about encrypting data with NordLocker is that it’s lightning-fast. It has a drag-and-drop interface, so even your grandma would be able to secure her files. And if someone got to your laptop or thumb drive, NordLocker would protect you.

Having everything protected will allow you to have an even better time on your adventure.

We wish you safe travels. Unfortunately, when it comes to data privacy, hoping won’t cut it anymore. We must each take steps to protect what’s ours.

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  1. I prefer to travel with as few devices as possible or I may end up losing them. But I do like to store my files in the cloud for easy access from anywhere. I’ll definitely try out NordLocker on my next trip though, keeping my cloud drive exposed like that is definitely a bad idea.

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