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Proper Ways to Deal with Negative Amazon Feedbacks

Ask anyone from generation Z, and they’ll tell you that it’s an internet and mobile-dominated world today where you don’t need to travel miles to buy something. Well, in this age and day, most online shoppers rely on reviews and previous feedback to make purchase decisions on the products or services they’re interested in. With Amazon being among the largest e-commerce markets worldwide, you can expect to get a mountain of feedback and reviews from potential and existing customers as well as non-customers if you’re selling products on Amazon.

The thing is, what precious customers say about your products can have a huge impact on your sales margin. Some customers simply buy a product with unrealistic expectations from it and consequently end up providing negative feedback for it once their expectations are not met. A handful may plainly be speaking the truth about the product, whereas others are simply competitors trying to bring you down so they can steal your potential clients. Whichever the case, negative feedback is something that needs to be dealt with as soon as possible to preserve your brand’s reputation.

Proper Ways to Deal with Negative Amazon Feedback

4 Ways to Deal With Negative Amazon Feedback

Ask Amazon to Remove Them

One of the ways to take down a hurtful review and feedback is to contact Amazon and ask them to remove it. However, not all reviews can be taken down by Amazon, since the giant e-commerce platform is largely customer-centric. There are specific policies stating the conditions under which a negative review may be removed. All the same, Jake Schwarzbaum from Velocity Sellers says that when dealing with feedback, there are other criteria not officially stated by Amazon under which negative reviews could be removed. Some of these include competitor feedback, price objection issues, false statements, and feedback that doesn’t meet the 75-word minimum, among others. All the same, you’ll need to provide as much documentation as possible whenever contacting Amazon Seller Central for negative review removal. To do this, you need to navigate your account settings, go to Orders, and click on Customer feedback problems and send your message.

Get Many Good Reviews

Now, did you know that bad reviews can work in your favor when it comes to online business? Well, this is because keen customers understand that not all that glitter is gold. They expect that at least a few people will dislike the product you’re offering and even trash-talk it. To be on the safe side, it’s advisable to solicit (good) reviews from your customers. The reviews have to be genuine because false reviews could easily lead to the closure of your business if Amazon finds out. It could also get you penalized or sued since you’ll have breached the Amazon seller agreement terms and conditions.

Reach Out to The Customer to Remove the Review

The customer who gave negative feedback on Amazon can also remove their comments. However, this is an area to tread lightly because, with the wrong approach, it could get your Amazon account suspended. Most importantly, you’ll need to apologize and address the customer’s main issues first and perhaps even give them a particle or a full refund before you can ask them politely and professionally to take down the negative review. All the same, this has to happen within the first 60 days after the review has been posted or neither Amazon nor the customer can remove the negative review.

Stay Professional

No matter how nasty a negative review is, it’s important to stay professional about it. It’s never personal and one of the reasons customers provide negative feedback is that they want to help other shoppers and also help you improve your products or customer experience. Therefore, you’ll want to always address the issues raised with the utmost professionalism, ensuring that you respond promptly and thanking the reviewer for their feedback. If it’s a reasonable complaint, you’ll need to apologize, resolve the issue, and (promise to) ensure that it doesn’t happen again. Also, keep your Amazon reviews monitored so that no negative feedback goes days or weeks without being noticed and promptly responded to.

Proper Ways to Deal with Negative Amazon Feedback

The last thing you want for your Amazon products is getting anything below a 3-star rating. Negative feedback can stand in the way of maximizing your sales, negatively affecting the profitability of your amazon business. This, however, may not be the case if you keep track of the reviews your customers or page visitors leave regularly. The above are just a few ways you can properly deal with negative feedback as an Amazon seller, so be wise and put them into action.

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