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Professions with Future Prospects

The last decade has seen catalytic changes at European, global and economic, technological and social levels. Both education and labor market assessments fail to anticipate these changes as well as the new conditions that are so often being created around the world.Below are some professions that will offer Professions with Future Prospects, based on potential employ ability. So let’s find out.

A common assumption is that the future labor market is based on a key triptych: inclinations – skills – innovation. The skills are considered by many scholars and organizations (W.E.F.) that in many cases, professions and scientific disciplines will exceed the “degrees” in the search for a job or in the individual’s professional development. The generation of Millennials and especially the next generations are called to walk, having in mind for their professional orientation an international perspective of employ ability.

Especially in countries that have been most affected by the economic crisis, this European and international perspective has already intensified even more through the brain drain. However, one of the critical issues in the future job market is the specializations that will be sought after and with better employment prospects. Below are some professions that will offer employment prospects in the future, based on potential employ ability, innovation, and their connection to the upcoming diversification that will bring technological development and the growth of the internet to the labor market. So let’s find out.

Professions with Future Prospects

Data Scientists

Whether we are referring to experts dealing with the E.T.L. (Extract | Load | Transform) or with the D.A.D. (Discover | Access | Distill), data is the “gold coin” of our time. With countless applications from marketing and management to energy management and sports, Data Scientists – Engineers – Architects – Administrators and Statistics, are the scientists and professionals that will soon be needed in dozens of industries and even medium-sized companies to properly implement either an IT & Business combination or through data quality & data integration fields to extract useful findings for research and other purposes.

3D Specialists & Designers

The piece of 3D and VR brings 3D imaging and virtual reality closer than ever to the average person. With applications that start from gaming and reach to culture and medicine, these emerging sectors combined with 3D printing and advanced manufacturing come to deliver products and services with ease, accuracy, and capabilities that we could not even imagine in the past.

From the “3D printing” of a sports shoe and the construction of a house in a few hours to the 3D illustration of Plato’s Academy, 3D Specialists and Industrial Designers are the spearhead for another innovative field of the 4th industrial revolution combining CAD / CAM (computer-aided design and computer-aided manufacturing) and new technologies which we still can not predict how far it can go.

Solutions Engineers

Having mainly a technical background with highly developed soft skills but also skills and knowledge related to customer service and sales, this professional specialization has to do with a programmer or a software engineer who often works as a chief technology officer (CTO). A specialized executive who can, on the one hand, provide a solution to a customer’s technological problems but also additionally understand and identify a customer’s needs. So in this sense, we can have, e.g. Sales Solutions Engineers but also Technical Solutions Engineers.

Voice actors

Among all these technocratic professions, it would certainly seem strange that the profession of a voice actor is on this list. However, the rapid development of technology and the spread of the internet have helped this profession to evolve and give even more people the opportunity to practice and grow in it. A voice actor can now create content from his personal studio, as he will have all the necessary creation tools at his disposal, thus giving him the flexibility and freedom needed to work with his own independent rules. 

Of course, we are talking about a profession quite old, but which continues to be in tune with the trends of the time and to find new ways of communication. If you are interested in a career in voice acting, you can turn to Voquent company, which can offer you the security and protection of a large company while working as a freelancer. How does all this look to you?

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